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esa Regatta (easy sailing assistance) is a revolutionary instrument which support sailors in monitoring and getting the best performances of their sailing boats, both in regatta and cruising.
esa Regatta lets you know in real time if your sailing is at the best performances level or not, (considering wind condition and boat’s possibilities.) Esa Regatta is worldwide unique in providing high professional data elaboration, combined with easiness to use for every customer at any level of experience.
esa Regatta is downloadable for free, and works connecting your boat data to your iOS smartphone, if connected to the GAMP esa Wi-Fi multiplexer of Astra Yacht.
The in app Wi-Fi Free allows the use of esa Regatta app with any Wi-Fi transmitter of free NMEA 0183 sentences existing on the boat.
With PRO upgrade, esa Regatta becomes the most complete tool developed and built to manage every phase of the regatta or the simple practice navigation, giving the highest reliability degree and the most advanced interface that keeps usage experience as easy as possible. The PRO upgrade for esa Regatta costs 99,00 euros and you can download it directly from your esa Regatta app via in-app purchase: just swipe on the right until the last page.
esa Regatta allows:
-The beginners to correct the basis sails regulations.
-Racers who searches for maximum performances out of their boats, without renouncing at having a sophisticated instrumentation, and less expensive like current professional ones are. Esa Regatta is an unique application, thank to its ability, during navigation, in creating and updating its own database of the best performances reached by the boat, by comparing with navigation data, highlighting how the sail is getting comparing to its theoretical maximum performances.
1.Navigation data visualization, coming from onboard instruments, and target performances calculated by esa Regatta
2.Target indications: comparison between real time and yard polar data
3.Historic wind chart with real-time and average speeds.
4.Start procedures for knowing times and distances from starting line.
5.Real time calculation of target performances (polar charts) based on real maximum performances achieved during the current navigation (even in background acquisition)
---PRO In-App purchase
6. Management of the course marks and routes
7. Mark Lay lines calculation both time and distance divided in geographical areas
8. Calculation of the current in magnitude and direction (DRIFT, SET), has been added, separating it from the boat’s leeway
9. Advanced Settings page to allow setting position of the GPS antenna over the bow, in order to optimize the starting procedure, and maximum leeway angle for your boat, useful for improving the current calculation.
---ESA regatta Wi-Fi free –In-App purchase
NOTE: Free Wi-Fi needed only if you don’t use GAMP multiplexer esa Astra Yacht
This pack allows the use of esa Regatta app with any Wi-Fi transmitter of free NMEA 0183 sentences, proprietary Wi-Fi language are not supported, device connected with the on-board instrumentation. Supported both TCP and UDP protocols. The high level performance of esa Regatta available on your own existing Wi-Fi on board
- Free Wi-Fi: connect to any Wi-Fi transmitter device onboard; get the navigation data directly on your mobile device (79€)
– Starting Procedure: get the perfect start, position the starting line, get real time distances to the buoys and the time to burn for a unbeatable start of the regattas, receive all the necessary information for don’t miss any crucial secondo on your path to the win (49€)
– Real time target calculation: the ASTRA patented system of real time polar calculation. All the navigation phases monitored by the software with a live performances indicator (249€)
If you would like to know more of esa Regatta’s characteristics, please go to
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life


Versione 3.33

Bug fixing. Timer problem in Start page.

Valutazioni e recensioni

S.f.d ,


Spettacolare! Provato in regata la scorsa settimana.
Uno strumento che ti guida in modo preciso e intuitivo permettendo a chiunque di turno al timone di migliorare le proprie performance in tempo reale!
Mantiene quello che promette.

Revedevie ,


Uno strumento semplice e geniale per analizzare le performance della propria imbarcazione!!! Da usare assolutamente!!

lorenzomal ,


Questa app è fantastica !!


ASTRA Yacht srl
24.1 MB
Richiede iOS 8.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Italiano, Francese, Inglese
Classificazione: 4+
Questa app potrebbe usare la tua posizione anche quando non è aperta, facendo diminuire l’autonomia della batteria.
© 2010 Astra Yacht
Acquisti in-app
  1. Esa Regatta PRO 129,99 €
  2. Esa Regatta Start Procedure 54,99 €
  3. Esa Regatta with NMEA free 89,99 €


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