Knowing your current heart rate is useful, but seeing in real time how it varies over a longer period gives you much more information, especially when trying to understand how your body is responding to a training plan. Heart Graph can be used for all types of aerobic exercise including running, cycling, rowing or gym work, and of course you can also use it to study your normal heart rate for general health reasons.

Heart Graph allows you to record new data and see your heart rate graph in real time, as well as importing existing data from Apple Health. Data from previous sessions can then be compared to give a deeper understanding of how your body is changing over time, for example by directly comparing the graphs for equivalent sessions, viewing statistics such as max, mean and resting heart rate across sessions, or seeing the proportion of time spent in different heart rate zones aggregated over weeks or months. (Note some features require a one-off In-App Purchase, as described below.)

The key FREE features of Heart Graph include:
* Display a real-time graph of heart rate against time on your iPhone or iPad
* Support for both Bluetooth sensors and Apple Watch
* No ads
* Review all your sessions offline to spot trends in your data
* Integration with Apple Health: import existing workout data and store new workouts
* Maximise the screen area for graphs on iPhone and iPod touch using landscape orientation
* Group related sessions by adding your own notes, then searching for sessions matching those notes
* Record a standard Reference Set at the start of each session to help determine how your body is really doing; if your heart rate is elevated, you may want to take it easy
* Record data in the background if you want to use other heart rate apps (Bluetooth sensors)

Beyond the basics, a single, one-off In-App Purchase will enable the Premium Features, giving you access to more in-depth analysis tools and the ability to design your training sessions in the app. These Planned Workouts split a session into small pieces, for example sets at the the gym, or intervals on a bike. When you’re exercising, Heart Graph will keep track of where you are in the session and what’s coming up next, alerting you when it’s time to stop or move on. The trigger for moving from one set to the next can be a simple time gap (“wait 30 seconds”), or be based on heart rate to allow a specific amount of recovery before continuing (“wait until heart rate is below 120bpm”). The outcome is a structured plan that adapts to how your body is responding each time you do that session.

Premium Features of Heart Graph include:
* View and analyse the time spent in each of five configurable heart rate zones
* Add annotations to the graph during recording to help identify key events
* Heart rate alarms when your heart rate goes above or below configurable thresholds, or changes zone
* Import data from the Health app for custom time periods of up to 24 hours
* Directly compare graphs for equivalent sessions
* Compare statistics (such as max, mean and resting heart rate) across sessions
* Calculate calories burned, and set a calorie target for each session
* Record a session to explicitly measure resting heart rate while you relax
* Audio rep counting so you never lose count - make a noise every time you complete a rep and the app keeps track of how many you’ve done
* Import and export heart rate data from other apps or your computer using Garmin TCX format files
* Export data to CSV files for further analysis in software such as Excel (by email or Dropbox)

IMPORTANT NOTE: use of Heart Graph requires an external sensor to record heart rate data, for example:
* A low-energy bluetooth (BTLE) sensor such as the Wahoo Tickr / Polar H10 chest straps, or the Mio Alpha watch
* An Apple Watch or other source that writes heart rate data to the Health app
* An ANT+ sensor connected using the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ key


Versione 5.3

- Support for iPhone XS Max
- Support for Apple Watch Series 4
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements

We're listening! If you experience a problem with the app, please contact us via our website.

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7 valutazioni

Non funziona più


Sorry sorry sorry. Con l'ultimo aggiornamento sembrava non funzionasse. Ma in realtà avevo aggiornato su tutti gli altri dispositivi tranne uno. L' app funziona benissimo ed è una delle migliori. Grazie agli sviluppatori per la pronta risposta. Un saluto. Fabrizio

Risposta dello sviluppatore

Eccellente - sono contento che il problema sia fisso!

Sfondo fastidioso


Lo sfondo simil carta millimetrata dell’app è molto fastidioso. Non capisco la scelta e l’ostinazione di volerlo usare ad ogni upgrade dato che non viene usato ad alcun fine pratico (nulla, neppure i grafici vi si allineano) e fa sembrare l’app di serie B.
L’app in se è molto valida, ma credo che sia giunto il momento di darsi un certo tono con una grafica più accattivante.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

Thank you for your feedback. If you use the “Zoom” button when reviewing a workout, you can set the graph scale to align with the lines on the background, so it does serve a purpose. Even during recording the lines will help you visually compare your data more precisely than would otherwise be possible, something that other apps favouring style over substance do not do.

Da perfezionare


App molto valida, grafica bella, monitora molto bene e si interfaccia perfettamente con l’app salute, ma ogni tanto crasha. Carine le varie funzioni premium, ma imho sono troppo care
Manca la sincronizzazione automatica degli allenamenti con iCloud e la possibilità di usare anche il gps (che tra l’altro consentirebbe un calcolo più preciso delle kcal bruciate) se si fanno allenamenti all’aperto.


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Richiede iOS 9.3 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
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