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This application lets you generate a report about your heart data stored in Health, so you can show it to your doctor if needed. You can generate a PDF report which includes all important data or save it as a CSV format, which you can process in Excel or Numbers. Currently the report will include these data:

• Minimum, maximum and average heart rate in a daily basis(or hourly, if you select a short date range)
• Resting and active heart rate averages
• Heart rate variability average
• Blood Pressure data(only if data exists in Health)
• High and low blood pressure notifications(heart rate was above 120bpm or below 45bpm in a resting state for at least 5 minutes)
• Detailed graphs for a quick overview of trends
• Total average of the date period
• Number of steps per day
• The report is available in 5 languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Hungarian
• The generated PDF and CSV file can be uploaded automatically to your iCloud Drive
• You can customize and reorder the columns in the CSV file

Additional features:
• You can compare your heart rate results with other users who use Heart Reports
• Manage your health data(heart rate and blood pressure) manually, if you don't have a smart device(like an Apple Watch) that records your heart rate automatically

The report is generated on your phone and data is not shared or transmitted anywhere. It works completely offline. The generated report can be saved as a PDF file, emailed to your doctor and more, using the built-in sharing features of iOS.


Versione 1.0.4

• Fixed an issue where the language of the dates did not match the language of the report in some cases
• Fixed an issue where dates outside of the selected range appeared on the report in case you generated multiple reports in the same session
• Fixed an issue where some rows in the table were cut off on the page break while you printed out the report
• Better error handling: if the report generating fails for some reason, now you can send me a detailed bug report(previously the app just simply crashed...)

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Finalmente un app che ti permette di avere un pdf dei dati della pressione e del battito


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Richiede iOS 12.1 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



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