The most powerful and the fastest content blocker, used by over a million people on iOS and Mac. Essential app for anyone who uses Safari.

Unlike other adblock apps, we can't see what sites you visit and track you. That’s because 1Blocker is a native Safari content blocker, not a shady VPN server. We are supported entirely by our users, there’s no “acceptable ads” program.


1Blocker has been featured in The New York Times, TechCrunch, and many more.

• “I like 1Blocker enough that I’ve stopped thinking about blockers.” - John Gruber, Daring Fireball.
• “Switched from Ghostery to 1Blocker for macOS Safari, which uses the fast new content-blocking API, and it seems noticeably faster.” - Marco Arment.
• “Does exactly what you want it to do, and the customer support is fantastic. Highly recommended ad blocker.”


- Block annoying ads (adblock) -
Ads have become a total disaster on websites by ruining the browsing experience. No one likes to see ads that pop over the entire screen.

- Save battery, data and time -
Independent tests by Wirecutter, NY Times, and BrooksReview confirm that 1Blocker cuts data loaded by sites on average by over 50%.

- Protect yourself online -
Many corporations track your behavior and what sites you visit. Online ads are not safe and may serve you malware even on major sites like Forbes and Yahoo.

- Improve your productivity -
Besides ads, webpages often contain distracting elements (like “You Might Also Like” and subscription boxes) that disturb your work flow and productivity.


1Blocker comes with almost 50 000 built-in blocker rules. It is very configurable.

• Block ads, trackers and other annoyances. Make browsing over 2x faster.
• Tap to hide any annoying content with our visual editor.
• Support sites you love by whitelisting them.
• Create your own custom blocker rules (hide elements, block sites and cookies).
• All your settings are synced over iCloud.

1Blocker is also available for iOS in the App Store.


We believe 1Blocker is better than anything else available. Here is why:

• We don’t make deals with advertisers.
• We don’t and technically can’t track our users.
• We have no customer data to sell.
• We are bootstrapped and self-funded. No investors. Made by a tiny two-person team.


While most other adblock apps block content by filtering elements of an already downloaded page, 1Blocker uses native Safari content blocker technology (API) to tell Safari in advance what should be blocked. This vastly improves efficiency, doesn’t slow down Safari, and saves battery life.


Send your feedback at @1BlockerApp on Twitter or email

Our mission is to give you all the tools to make Safari browsing fast, safe and productive for you.

Happy Safari browsing, friend! You are going to like surfing the web again.


Versione 1.4.5

Hello there, dear customer. This version contains an updated blocker list with fixes and improvements for issues on some websites you've reported. Make sure to manually launch the app after updating to the latest version to have new rules applied in Safari.
If something’s not working right, you have an idea you’d like to share, or you just want to say hello, contact us anytime on Twitter at @1BlockerApp.

If you enjoy using 1Blocker, please leave a nice review here on the App Store. We read everything and it means a world to us. Thank you!

Valutazioni e recensioni

LaaCagoia ,

Fa il suo dovere bloccando, eliminando ad, anti ad, e affini

Impiega funzionalità di blocco contenuti presenti in Safari caratteristica che la rende ben integrata al sistema e più sicura. Da utente standard l’uso è facile dovendo solo sbloccare o bloccare con apposito bottone il sito visitato, il filtraggio standard è già pre impostato nelle preferenze e si può anche disabilitare la voce che non interessa bloccare. Si può anche creare filtri nuovi ma il linguaggio regex utilizzato per i filtri è complicato per neofiti ma si può fare a meno ci sono già dei filtri pre impostati. L’icona nella barra strumenti di Safari non cambia di stato a seconda se il sito èè nella whitelist o meno, bottone con i soliti colori rosso e verde. Si poteva implementare una procedura semplice per permettere a tutti la personalizzazione/creazione di nuovi filtri. Penso comunque che lo sviluppatore implementerà regole pre impostate nuove in futuro. Il prezzo è l’unico neo di questa app considerato che di fatto la creazione di filtri nuovi è difficoltosa se non impossibile per un utente standard di Safari.

Sphexye ,


one of the few apps that you set up and forget about it, in a good way though. it works so well that you don't have to think about it. perfect on macos and ios. well done!

Ludovicolor ,

slow safari

with this app safari become slow and unresponsive


Salavat Khanov
10.4 MB
OS X 10.11 o versioni più recenti, 64-bit processor
Classificazione: 4+
© Salavat Khanov
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