Mindfield eSense Skin Response & eSense Temperature

Biofeedback with the eSense sensors!

You can buy two eSense sensors from our shop:

1. the eSense Skin Response to measure electro dermal activity or galvanic skin response (EDA, GSR)

The Mindfield eSense Skin Response is a small sensor to measure your skin conductance using the microphone input of your smartphone or tablet.Your skin conductance depends directly on your state of relaxation or stress, making it a commonly used and very precise stress indicator.
With the eSense Skin Response, you can precisely identify your stress level and reduce it with biofeedback training. This App includes a comprehensive manual for training and many training possibilities.

2. the eSense Temperature:

The eSense Temperature is a small sensor for measuring your skin temperature with the microphone input of your smartphone or tablet.Hand warming training is an especially effective and common biofeedback method. The temperature of our hands is connected to our stress level: When we are stressed, we tend to have cold hands. Immediate feedback enables you to voluntarily increase the skin temperature in your fingers,
thus, increasing your peripheral blood circulation, leading to relaxation and stress reduction.

This eSense App provides you in various ways with exact feedback about your momentary stress level, e.g. with measurement curves, video display and audio feedback features.
New: Tactile feedback (vibration of your smartphone) and control of smart bulbs (a bluetooth bulb, Magic Blue, available in our online store and all Philips Hue products)!


You need to buy either the eSense Skin Response sensor for this App or the eSense Temperature sensor, otherwise you cannot measure anything.

More information and our online shop can be found on our homepage: => Biofeedback => Products => eSense


- you have four videos included, in addition you can imbed any video you have on your device or record a video with your devices camera
- three pieces of music for Biofeedback, they react to your stress level with changes in volume, you can use your own music, too
- you can save unlimited number of sessions on your device in a new session archive. Every session can be reviewed and exported later on.
- each session can be exported as CSV (comma separated file, 1-10 Hz Sampling) either via E-Mail as attachment or to an office application on your device or dropbox, etc.
- Tactile feedback: Let your smartphone vibrate, when the values from galvanic skin response or temperature change! Intensity can be adjusted. Tablets are not supporting this feature, they can not vibrate.
- Tone feedback: You can choose between 5 instruments and define a range for measurement values. In between of this range the tones are modulated by its pitch according to raising or falling values. Advanced users can even add their own tones. Now we also added a contineous sinus tone.
- Procedures: This feature incorporates training programs like guided relaxation, a stress test, defined biofeedback training, etc. into the app. Two demos are included, you can create as many procedures of your own, as you want.
- Control smart bulbs with Biofeedback! We integrated two solutions, a bluetooh bulb and all Philips Hue products. You can control color and brightness with your skin response or skin temperature. Let your stress level colorize your living room! :)

Enjoy our new eSense app!

Please send your positive or negative criticism and bug reports to

Your Mindfield team!


Versione 2.2.1

New in 2.2.1 (WARNING: Your old recordings are only kept from 2.0.0 onwards! Export recordings to CSV from older app versions before updating!)

Whats new in this version?

- support for Philips Hue products to control color and brightness with your skin conductance or skin temperature. All different types of bulbs are supported, color, white, lightstripe, Philips Hue Go, Spots, etc. You can control unlimited number of bulbs at once, but we recommend to use three at max, otherwise a delay in reaction time can occure. Let your stress level colorize your living room! :)

- markers to set during recording, visible in CSV files. You can define several preset marker texts in app settings and set them during runtime with a tap on the flag button.
- contineous sinus tone feedback, in addition to single tones
- more mp3 music files for Biofeedback training
- new auto mode to detect minimum and maximum values in changable time window for all Biofeedback functions that work with range of values (tones, smartbulbs, fixation cross color in procedures). Try yourself!
- adjustable chart colors, like oscilloscope background, chart line and axis descrition

See our homepage => Biofeedback => Products => eSense
for new smartbulb FAQ and updated manuals!

What's next in future update?

- Skin Conductance Response (SCR) algorithm to detect, count and export phasic parts of the skin conductance signal. This makes scientific based evaluation of the signal possible and we will develope a scoring system to rate each Biofeedback session.

Feedback as usual to
Enyou this new update!

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Richiede iOS 9.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Classificazione: 4+
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