QualiAPP has finally merged to MOSAICO, the INDUSTRIAL INTERNET platform developed by Qualical for

the Lime Industry.

With QualiAPP, the MOSAICO Mobile App, you can intelligently transform operational data into actionable

information, accessible anywhere, anytime.

You can deliver context and drive action based on Plant, location and role.

QualiAPP arms your employees with the right information at the right time, secure by design, from any

device. Your workforce will have the information they need to take action anywhere, driving faster

response to critical items and early problem detection.

Enjoy the "Power of 1%" with MOSAICO Apps.

The power of the 1% is QualiCal shorthand for numerous improvements at scale-even smaller outcomes

such as 1% reduced downtime on critical equipment that are proven to drive big changes in performance

and operating margin.


+ ZERO: Increases the Plant Availability preventing from Unplanned Downtime.

+ ABACO: Advanced Burning Analysis and Combustion Optimization, optimizes the Fuel injection saving fuel

and energy required by the combustion process.

+ PURO: Monitors and analyzes the Plant Inlet and Outlet (Limestone,Quicklime,WasteGases,Fueletc) to

optimize the process in terms of Quality.

+ AERO: Optimizes the Process Air supplied to the Synthesis Kiln and minimizing blowers electrical

consumption, noise and maximize efficiency.

+ QUALITWIT: Puts in touch people at site with Qualical and worldwide lime experts to create a new

collaboration context: the Global Brain.

+ QUALITAG: Delivers technical specs and real-time information of QRcoded equipment in the field

With MOSAICO you will harness the triple potential of:

+ Smarter machines;

+ The enabling power of sensors, services and connectivity;

+ and industrial big data and analytics

helping to:

+ optimize assets,

+ optimize operations

+ realize the "Power of 1%"


Versione 10.0.2

New Mi-Tag app link

Valutazioni e recensioni

Edoce88 ,

Enter the Lime Production Experience

Really a nice "tool" and gateway to access all the potential of MOSAICO PLATFORM in order to embrace the LIME PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE and reach the so called power of 1%.

I found it smart, interactive and well responsive


QualiCal International srl
30.5 MB
Richiede iOS 8.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Classificazione: 4+
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