Player Portfolio, the whole home audio system from Nuvo, offers true listening freedom with instant access to endless music options. Play Pandora in your kitchen, iTunes in the den, or the same song throughout the entire house – all from a single, intuitive app. And setup is a breeze, making it easy to get right to the music you love most.

The perfect fit for any home.

To set up a Nuvo system, you’ll need one or more Player Portfolio components to build your music zones. With a variety of solutions for wireless or wired configurations, it’s easy to build the perfect audio experience for any space.

Your entire music collection, all in one place.

Player Portfolio offers built-in access to all your favorite music. You can listen to an expansive variety of Internet radio, the most popular streaming services, as well as your personal music collection stored on your networked devices. The Player app brings endless options together in one convenient place.

Complete control in the palm of your hand.

The Player app puts you in control and allows you to customize settings to suit your needs. Quickly and easily choose where you want to listen and what you want to hear. Play different music in every room, or group zones together to broadcast a single song throughout the entire house – the power is in your hands.

Whether it’s an old favorite or the newest hit, your home will be filled with the music that moves you.

• Complete control of all audio zones and functions including, power, volume, playlists, pause, next, and mute
• Access music stored on networked computers and iOS or Android mobile devices
• Listen to an unlimited selection of Internet radio and streaming services including Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Napster, Deezer, and SiriusXM
• Easily browse by song, album, artist, genre, and more
• Ability to create favorites for quick navigation

*streaming services subject to geographic availability and some may require subscriptions

Portions of this software are provided by 3rd parties.

Platinum Software Copyright © Plutinosoft LLC, 2007. All rights reserved.
This software and documentation constitute an unpublished work and contain valuable trade secrets and proprietary information belonging to Plutinosoft. None of the foregoing material may be copied, duplicated or disclosed without the express written permission of Plutinosoft.


Versione 2018.2

* Ability to share RCA and Optical inputs from P500 to grouped zones
* Support for static IP addresses
* New music streaming service for DLNA/UPnP media servers on local network
* Improved Wi-Fi configuration options
* Ability to merge groups by dragging one group onto another
* Ability to quickly group all zones into one group (replaces Pause All button when all zones are ungrouped)
* Misc bug fixes and improvements

Valutazioni e recensioni

Lampadina2010 ,

iPod iOS 5

Io sono d'accordo con Apple che va sembra avanti con nuove tecnologie ma voi che fatte applicazione con nuovi aggiornamenti che state dietro apple ma Apple ha anche i dispositivi che funzionano ancora e che aggiornamenti non esistano più ma che funzionano ancora
Perché non rimanere sullo store le applicazione per iOS precedenti che se non aggiorna le applicazione non funziona perché voi avete aggiornati a ultimo iOS 6 ect....

jnmlcg ,

Prodotto ancora sperimentale

Per utilizzare l’ applicazione bisogna provare 4 5 volte e se se si e’ fortunati inizia a funzionare, e se vuoi spegnere o modificare le modalità’ di ascolto di nuovo devi provare diverse volte aspettando diversi minuti. Mi sembra più un prodotto ancora a livello sperimentale che un prodotto commerciale. Ho dovuto far cambiare l’ apparecchiatura diverse volte prima di avere un qualcosa che funzioni in qualche modo

DD1488 ,

Update for iOS9 needed

The App always crash when you try to browse the music library after you have queued a song/album and switched to another app or the iPad went in standby mode. As you come back to the NuVo app and try to change folder the app crash or reboot. This has started after iOS 9 upgrade

The app also doesn't queue tracks from same album correctly (by their no.) when queued from the library-> folders view instesd they are ordered alphabetically.
If you use any of the other method (search function, search by artist, etc) and then wueue an album the tracks are correctly listed. This issue affects also older App version.

Then, we still missing Spotify integration and some functions like wake up alarms

Overall the App is well made, But a fix for the crash is needed asap.


Legrand North America, Inc.
39.8 MB
Richiede iOS 8.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Italiano, Francese, Inglese, Portoghese, Spagnolo, Tedesco
Classificato 12+ per:
Rara/Moderata dissacrazione e humour nero
Raro/Moderato contenuto relativo ad alcol, tabacco o stupefacenti
Raro/Moderato contenuto adatto a un pubblico adulto
Raro/Moderato contenuto sessuale o nudità
© Copyright 2018 Legrand North America, Inc.


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