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Panorama is a Camera app alternative for photo stitching that avoids curvature of horizontal edges in photos.

Such warping is typical in photos of buildings.

A comparative example of this type of warping is in the first screenshot below.

Panorama is a professional, high quality, time-tested image stitcher for both iOS & Mac. Panorama uses a mathematical image matching technique called homography making it ideal for photographing architectural scenes.

Also try the Mac version at:

• Create stunning high resolution panoramas using the device camera.

• Employ the integrated Aviary image editor, accessible from the options menu for all panoramas in the gallery. Enhance, add text, frame and much more.

Image editing options: Enhance (Hi-Def, Illuminate, Color Fix), filter effects, frames, stickers, crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, draw, text, redeye, whiten, blemish and Meme.

• Beautiful, powerful and meticulously designed app interface provides an enjoyable and productive user experience.

• Build custom panoramas or creatively blend images into photo montages from the camera roll of Photos using the Build pane.

• Use the Build pane to merge two or more vertical overlapping panoramas to easily create 2x2 or 3x3 panoramas.

• Use the Build pane to make collages (images that can't be registered are merely blended together.)

• Shoot a scene and save the photos into the gallery for merging later if you prefer. This allows you to save time and battery during a shoot.

• Share your panoramas with friends and family through email, print them or save to camera roll, including photo originals.

• Employs the homography method to avoid curvature of straight edges, a common disadvantage of other apps of this type. (Check out "homography" on Wikipedia!)

• The homography method is computationally intensive for producing natural and realistic panoramas, and not deceiving cylindrically warped results like other apps.

• Undo and redo a panorama in the gallery to try different settings or options, such as exposure matching or merge quality.

• During a merge, tap the "Hold Button" to turn off the screen, to save battery, and you will be notified when the merge is done.

• High resolution of the 2 and 3 image stitchers essentially doubles and triples your camera's field of view.

• As you shoot pictures they are collected into a sliding pocket drawer, so you can review what you shot at any time, and delete to retake photos.

• Use the "film roll" button in the camera pane to save all the photos currently in the drawer to the gallery, without merging them.

• If you cancel the current merge, you can always resume it anytime from the gallery.

• Panoramas are saved to the gallery automatically when completed, and optionally also to the Photos library.

• In the gallery any saved panorama can be resumed.

• You can undo panoramas, separating them into a film roll of the original photos. Originals can always be saved to the Photos library.

• Export and manually preprocess the photos in your photo shoot in any other image editor, then reload from the Photos library and stitch them together in the Build pane.

• Adds location data to your panoramas so you remember exactly where you shot them. View the location where the panorama was made on a map in the gallery.

• In the gallery you can always undo and then redo a stitch, say for experimenting with different options or image editing.

• Time consuming stitching can be deferred by saving your photo shoots in the gallery.

• Run in the background as you use your device with other apps or put the screen to sleep with the hold button. You'll be notified when the stitch is done.

• The photo alignment guide ensures you properly align your photos for the best stitching results, and facilitates acquiring photos for the Mac version of Panorama.


Versione 1.5.6

Maintenance update.

Valutazioni e recensioni

Da migliorare


Scaricata e in 5 minuti ho avuto pronto il panorama ( caricando le foto sul computer ci metterei molto di più ). L'azione per creare il panorama è molto facile, viene mostrato l'ultimo scatto in sovrapposizione sulla sinistra, ma chiaramente senza un cavalletto non viene fuori un gran che. La qualità finale lascia un po' a desiderare, sicuramente il programma è da migliorare, anche nell'interfaccia che è sicuramente da rivedere perché un pelo ostica all'inizio.
Comunque è gratis ed il risultato soddisfacente, la pubblicità poco intrusiva, quindi 3 stelle le merita.

Ma perchè mi ha chiesto il numero


Ma perchè mi ha chiesto il numero della carta MasterCard ed io come un imbecille glielo ho fornito. È ovvio che se avró ammanchi sul conto riterró responsabile oltre al venditore anche la Applestore. Se è vero ció che penso sono stato un vero imbecille visto che ha caricato l'app solo quando tutti i numeri erano in chiaro e selezionata la carta "nessuna". Forse ne vedremo delle belle.

Fa pena....


Oltre ad essere scomoda nella realizzazione dei singoli frame, la realizzazione della foto panoramica finale lascia veramente a desiderare! Da segnalare inoltre che è andata in crash dopo 2 minuti di utilizzo!!!!


Limit Point Software
23 MB
Foto e video
Richiede iOS 9.3 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Classificazione: 4+
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