Port of Livorno-Real time ships traffic. Official times of arrivals/departures
Real time vessel traffic and official arrivals and departures times of the port.
Up to date extimated time of arrival of expected ships, vessel search, ships details, mooring status and live image from the port area.
Port vessels map suggesting you the way from your location to the ship's berth - Weather bullettin and current condition in the port.

About us:
Avvisatore Marittimo gathers ,processes and delivers valuable 24/7 up to date data and informations about arrival, shifting and departure of vessels in the port of Livorno.

When you are dealing with ships, you need to have reliable, up-to-date information about expected arrival times, location within the port of Livorno, or departure times from the port.
The more precise the information, the more efficient the work of agents, terminals, suppliers, port officials, maintenance firms and others.

The power of an information and service provider like Avvisatore Marittimo Livorno is achieved through a unique combination of maritime expertise, in depth knowledge of nautical and port processes , ICT capabilities and through the dedication of well trained and enthusiastic employees. These factors are key to continue the tradition of information quality and service excellence.

Why Avvisatore/Shipinfo:

Professional support of your local offices activities on a 24/7 basis.
We always have the most up-to-date arrival and departure information for the Port of Livorno
Well trained experts in the field of shipping- and port processes.
On time status changes of vessels entering the Port of Livorno and on time information about vessels leaving the berth you are planning to sail to.
We offer you safe, quick and reliable 24/7 service.
We have longstanding experience in the world of port approach monitoring.

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Versione 2.0

2.0 Update
Introduced real time notifying on vessels time events from expected arrivals to departure time; receive warnings about port operations issues .

Valutazioni e recensioni



L'ultima versione è ottima in velocità. Però le notifiche di ormeggio, arrivo, partenza etc etc, sarebbe opportuno che venisse visualizzato il nome della nave per poter riconoscere di cosa si parla.



Utilissima app, sarebbe necessaria anche qui per il porto di genova o per gli altri porti toscani.


Avvisatore Marittimo del Porto di Livorno srl
12 MB
Richiede iOS 6.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Classificazione: 4+
© 2012 Avvisatore Marittimo del Porto di Livorno


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