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Welcome to the best keyboard for iPad professional users, with gestures for faster typing, PC layout, math keyboard, and many more pro features.

Main features:
- Arrow keys (left & right).
- Gestures for faster typing.
. 2 finger swipe down to delete last word.
. 2 finger swipe left to delete a complete phrase
. 2 finger swipe up to add word to the user lexicon.
. 2 finger swipe right to undo deleted words.
- International thesaurus (7 languages)
- Multilingual Typing with 6 simultaneous languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese)
- Calendar.
- Customizable emoji toolbar.
- Multiline text replacement.
- Multiline common phrases panel.
- Keyboard click sound.
- iOS Layout and special PC like layout with OPTION key
- 10 colorful Styles (1 customizable).
- Dvorak keyboard
- InSpaceBar predictive (green) and spell-checking (red) function, with different background colors for better awareness.
- Math keyboard with numeric keypad, greek symbols, subscript and superscript characters (only unicode superscript).
- Option key for special characters and functions.
- User lexicon with adding and deleting word function.
- Tab key on 9.7'' iPads.
- Mixed use of keyboard layout and spell-checking language (e.g. english layout + spanish language).
- All caps function.
- Split keyboard layout (English, Spanish and German).


. English
. Spanish
. German
. French
. Italian
. Portuguese
. Russian
. Dvorak


Privacy is one of the most important aspect for a professional user, so we have decided not to implement the "Request Open Access" keyboard function.

Therefore our keyboard has no network access, it cannot share files with its containing app, and cannot access to location services, iCloud or the address book database.

One last advice: User lexicon can be read by anyone using your keyboard, so try not no add any confidential word. You can delete any word from the user lexicon at any time.


Versione 3.16

Fixed some bugs
Added Swiss keyboard
Changed quotations marks (new gesture: long press on ' key to show extended quotation marks .. only for compatible fonts)

Valutazioni e recensioni

Great work.

Lord Charon

Per me é un buon lavoro, certo bisogna adattarsi, ma tutto ė migliorabile in futuro, con nuove opzioni. Poiché non mi piace iOS 11, nell’attuale stato ė certo meglio avere questa tastiera, con i tasti cursore e le altre opzioni. Un buon miglioramento sarebbe avere più suggerimenti sulla barra sopra la tastiera, come per la normale tastiera iOS, e non solo un suggerimento sulla barra spaziatrice. Inoltre ė molto utile che abbia anche apici e pedici.
Complimenti allo sviluppatore per il lavoro svolto.


For me it’s a great work. Sure, everything will be better in future with further upgrades, but now it’s very useful, and because i don’t like iOS 11, in the actual state it’s certain better to have this keyboard, with the cursor keys and the other features. A good improvement will be to have more suggestions on the bar above the keyboard, as the normal iOS keyboard, and not only one suggestion on the space bar. Moreover it is also very useful that this keyboard have also lower and upper indexes.
Congratulations to the keyboard’s creator for his work.
(sorry for my english!!)

A good keyboard


i’m an engineering student and for me is very usefull that keyboard with math characters and symbols. Unfortunately, not a fault of the developer (i contacted him personally), not all the subscript are available. if i could give some tips for the future: implement a better color selection for the style (there are soo many colour and is difficult select one properly) and in the ios style implement some specific button for the accented letter.

Davvero ottima


Complimenti davvero, molto ben fatta e usabilissima!


Raul Monterroso Cabello
109.3 MB
Richiede iOS 10.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPad.
Italiano, Francese, Greco, Inglese, Portoghese, Russo, Spagnolo, Tedesco
Classificazione: 4+
© 2018 Raul Monterroso Cabello
2,29 €


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