'Ruler Pro - Tape Measure 3D' measures dimensions (height, length, width, size, area and distance) of objects shown in the camera. It's a camera based 3D ruler. While you look at your camera preview, 'Ruler Pro - Tape Measure 3D' overlays the camera view with a virtual HUD 3D grid or HUD frame containing measurement of width, length, distance and height.

Without any tape measure or ruler you can easily measure walls, buildings or any other stuff. This app is a must for architects, booth builders, craftsmen, handymen, landscapers and technique keen individuals who quickly need to measure things without having a tape measure or ruler at hand. 'Ruler Pro - Tape Measure 3D' is the first live view measurement ruler app in the market.

Watch our video here:

The feature that distinguishes Ruler Pro - Tape Measure 3D from other apps is, that all happens live on your display. Neither you need to take photos and later on make measurement on them nor do you need any length or height reference frames in the camera image. This allows to measure even public buildings without any restrictions.

► How does it work ?

1. Configure: Ruler Pro - Tape Measure 3D is based on the viewing height while you use your iPhone. Therefore you need to configure your personal viewing height once. It can be setup in the "Settings". As a rule of thumb you can take you body height minus 1'.

2. Calibrate: Ruler Pro - Tape Measure 3D needs to be calibrated once before every ruler measurement. During distance calibration it computes your distance from the object to measure. Sounds complicated, but isn't. You simply push and hold the "Loupe-Button" and align the object's bottom edge in front of you along with the line shown in the loupe. Once aligned release the button. That's it. If unsure please watch our video.

3. Measure: Once you release the "Loupe-Button" a 3D HUD grid or frame - depending on the mode chosen - is overlayed into your camera view showing all measurements. You can pan and pinch the grid or frame to match with the object to measure.

► Featured measurements

• Height measurement
• Width measurement
• Length measurement
• Distance measurement (like tape measure)
• Measure units in meter or imperial units
• No tape measure needed, just your iPhone

► Benefits of the Pro Version:

• Enable pan & pinch gestures
• Enable frame mode for direct measurement of rectangular areas
• Photo-Button for documentation of your scenes including measurement results
• Area measurement in frame measure mode
• No advertisements

► Limitations

This app is not suited for applications where very exact ruler measurements are needed, e.g. in construction or architecture. Do not use it where exact length, distance, height or width measurement are required. In such cases please use a traditional tape measure or ruler! It is however perfect for estimates of room size, furniture size, picture size, building size measurement etc.


Versione 1.90

► iOS12 Ready
► Thank you for using tape measure camera ruler

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