WorkOutDoors is the only workout app for the Apple Watch that displays a detailed vector map whilst you exercise. It's perfect for hiking, running, mountain biking, skiing, geocaching and much more.

The map is drawn using vectors, which means that it can be smoothly zoomed, panned or rotated, just like maps on the iPhone. The data comes from OpenStreetMap, which includes paths, tracks, cycle trails and much more.

Maps can be stored on the Watch for use when you don't have your iPhone or cannot get a data signal. And the price includes maps for the whole world. No further purchases or subscriptions are required!

WorkOutDoors is designed specifically for the Apple Watch. With most workout apps the Watch app is just an afterthought, but with WorkOutDoors the watch app is the main focus, with the iPhone app acting in support of it.

The iPhone provides detailed analysis of workouts; importing of GPX routes; and the ability to control the map areas that are stored on your Watch. You simply select the area of interest (or the route of interest) and the maps will be transferred to the watch for use wherever you are.

Workouts performed using the WorkOutDoors watch app can also be inspected on the iPhone by using Apple's Health app.

WorkOutDoors includes many useful features, such as:

- works even without an iPhone on watches with GPS;
- automatic map rotation according to your direction of motion;
- a breadcrumb trail of your route;
- the map can be panned with your finger, and zoomed with the digital crown;
- all trail types are shown, including paths, tracks, cycle trails, ski pistes etc;
- bold colors are used, to enhance visibility in sunlight;
- a circular scale appears when zooming in or out;
- shows a GPS signal strength indicator (tap to see accuracy in metres);
- the map can be shown without starting a workout;
- workout statistics can be shown in several sizes;
- live statistics include distance, time, heartrate, steps, elevation and many more;
- double tap the live stats to easily change which values are shown;
- GPX routes can be imported and displayed on the watch map;
- routes are coloured in varying shades of purple: red for uphill; blue for downhill;
- routes can be drawn 'hollow' to show underlying trails;
- route waypoints can be tapped for more details, such as written directions;
- speed, elevation and heartrate graphs can be shown at any time during the workout;
- shows a compass pointing north (which also acts as a button to control rotation);
- shows a "start compass" pointing to your start location;
- tap the "start compass" to see the distance back to the start;
- double tap the map to make it full screen (double tap again to restore the workout stats);
- tap a POI or a road name to enlarge it and see a description below the map;
- workouts can be exported as GPX files for use in other apps and websites;
- exported fields can be configured from elevation, heartrate, cadence and GPS accuracy;

If you own an Apple Watch and enjoy hiking, running, cycling, skiing, or any outdoor exercise where you may need a map, then WorkOutDoors is the app for you. Give it a go!


Versione 2.2

URGENT: Please update to this version! The company providing the maps for previous versions is shutting down at the end of January, so they will cease to work properly.

This version has been updated to use maps from Mapbox instead, which come with several improvements:

The data is more concise, meaning faster download, transfer and drawing times;
The maps can now be zoomed out further to enable easier panning of long distances;
Buildings are shown in 3D when zoomed in far enough;

Valutazioni e recensioni

5 su 5

5 valutazioni

5 valutazioni

App perfetta per hiking and mtb

J the swimmer

App perfetta per seguire i percorsi sulla mappa .....mappa chiara è leggibile ... possibilità di auto rotazione della mappa sulla base della direzione direi fondamentale per una chiara lettura di dove andare.... dowloade mappe offline per usarla anche senza iPhone .... buona la durata della batteria ....è ancora agli albori ma le premesse non mancano di certo!! Consigliata!

App fantastica!

L’app è ricca di funzionalità (su Apple Watch visualizza anche la potenza del segnale GPS) e ha un’interfaccia utente chiara e completa. Lo sviluppatore è molto disponibile nel rispondere ai quesiti riguardanti l’utilizzo dell’app. Assolutamente consigliata!


Ian Muriss
7.3 MB
Salute e benessere
Richiede iOS 10.2 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone e iPod touch.
Classificazione: 4+
Questa app potrebbe usare la tua posizione anche quando non è aperta, facendo diminuire l’autonomia della batteria.
© 2018 Computer Client Services Ltd
3,49 €


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