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At Xapo, we’re firm believers that no matter who you are or where you're from, you deserve easy access to digital financial services.
Xapo is your alternative to traditional banking. We’re a digital wallet that allows you to easily and safely send, receive, store and spend any traditional currencies and bitcoin.

Manage your money

• Use a variety of methods to add money to your Xapo account such as bank transfer, credit card, bitcoin transfer, and more!

• Create spending accounts to send, receive and exchange up to 150 traditional currencies and bitcoin.

• Create savings accounts to store traditional currencies and bitcoin in our ultra-secure Vaults.

• Share your accounts we people you trust and co-manage your finances. Give them different permissions to keep control of your money.

• Follow your account’s activity in detail with real-time notifications.

We’ve developed the most secure alternative-banking platform in the world, complete with a global network of ultra-secure bitcoin Vaults. Because industry standard security measures are good, but when it comes to protecting your livelihood, “good” isn’t good enough.


Versione 5.0.0

This update is HUGE! We have a new brand identity and a revamped Xapo app to go along with it.

Let’s go over each one of the changes:

Pockets no more
Your Pockets have not gone anywhere! We just changed the name to “accounts” and made it easier for you to manage your money with them. Your default Pockets have been migrated to “My Money” and if you had created additional Pockets, new accounts have been created for each one of them. You’ll find all your accounts listed under the top “My Money” account selector.

You can have as many spending and savings accounts (Vaults) as you like. They allow you to organize and separate your money according to your financial goals. A big update is that on top of bitcoins you can now safely store any traditional currency in your savings account (Vault).

My Money
This is your main spending account and your go-to section when handling your money. From here, you can manage different balances or currencies and start transactions like moving money between your accounts, exchanging currencies, or withdrawing funds.

Each one of your accounts can hold multiple balances which are automatically created when you add or receive money in a different currency.

Move and Exchange
Move your money between your accounts for free or use the exchange feature to buy and sell
any traditional currency and bitcoins.

Easily transfer money to a bank account, phone contact, email, or BTC address from your new Payments tab on your main menu.

This new section includes everything you need to know to keep up with your account’s activity. From transaction details and statuses to pending items and missing actions; stay worry free and up to date with your money!

Now it’s your time to experience the new Xapo . If you need help, have questions or would like to share your thoughts regarding our newly developed features, feel free to reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Valutazioni e recensioni

3.7 su 5
59 valutazioni
59 valutazioni
Danieleemilio ,

pessimo wallet / baddest wallet

Occhio: se l'app non vi funziona perdete tutto quello che avete sul wallet, le fees per spostare i vostri fondi sono ballerine e altissime, l'assistenza inesistente (risposte preconfezionate) e la sicurezza è tutta nelle loro mani quindi nulla! Lasciate perdere e scaricate electrum che permette anche di esportare le chiavi private, tutto gratis e sul pc non su un sito che domani può anche non esistere più!!

Fitch20 ,

I can only see the USD balance (not EUR)

I have just purchased a xapo card associated to my xapo btc wallet. In the website i see correctly the countervalue of the wallet/card in EUR, but the app only show USD which is a big fail.... hope this is updated as soon as possible, because when you are outside you need to see the countervalue of your xapo card balance in your local fee before making a purchase in a merchant, and not in USD only!

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Hi Fitch, Thanks for contacting us and pointing this out! Our team needs to fix in which the currency that we show you your balance is not properly changing when you update it. I've informed our team about this and they will be working on this! Thank you again for letting us know about this error 😊

Hard Choise ,

Very good Wallet

Wallet raccomandato, possibilità di acquistare e vendere dalla loro banca. L'app è ben fatta come la versione desktop. Consiglierei pienamente se non avesse fee alte quasi il doppio di altri wallet.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Here is a breakdown of any and all fees that Xapo has in place:
Xapo to Xapo: FREE Xapo to other: Miner fee (option to pay either standard or high priority) Other to Xapo BTC wallet: Free (unless you're receiving small transactions, in which you are charged a fee and need to check this fee page beforehand) Other to Xapo fiat currency wallet: BTC/FX exchange rate 
Xapo will always update the fee as well as the minimum amount to receive from an external account without being charged here. Please note that other fees apply for other types of transactions, such as buying bitcoins or using the Xapo Debit Card, as described in more detail in our Terms of Use, but that these fees are solely for sending and receiving transactions.
Thank you


Xapo Limited
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Richiede iOS 10.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.


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