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Courtney Love completely revamped Hole before recording their second album, keeping only Eric Erlandson in the lineup. That is one of the reasons why Live Through This sounds so shockingly different from Pretty on the Inside, but the real reason is Love's desire to compete in the same commercial alternative rock arena as her husband, Kurt Cobain. In fact, many rumors have claimed that Cobain ghostwrote a substantial chunk of the album, and while that's unlikely, there's no denying that his patented stop-start dynamics, bare chords, and punk-pop melodies provide the blueprint for Live Through This. Love adds her signature rage and feminist rhetoric to the formula, but the lyrics that truly resonate are the ones that unintentionally predict Cobain's suicide. For all the raw pain of the lyrics, Live Through This rarely sounds raw because of the shiny production and the carefully considered dynamics. Despite this flaw, the album retains its power because it was one of the few records patterned on Nevermind that gets the formula right, with a set of gripping hooks and melodies that retain their power even if they follow the predictable grunge pattern.



Holeのアルバムで一番大好き、すり減るまで(?)聞いた高校時代、 歌詞も過激だったが、コートニー・ラブのだみ声咆哮にクラクラ。 行動・言動も過激だったが、あのニルヴァーナのカート・コバーンと結ばれ、 娘も生まれて幸せまっしぐら…な筈だったが、音楽とは裏腹彼女もか弱い女性。 今はソロになり、女優としても定着してきたが、 色々とスキャンダルが尽きない彼女、早く落ち着いてまたHole復活させて下さい! 音楽ももちろん良いが、彼女の人生観もとても好きなんだなぁ。 まぁ、兎にも角にも、このアルバムには捨て曲無し!お勧めです。


結成: 1989 Los Angeles, CA

ジャンル: オルタナティブ

活動期間: '80s, '90s, '10s

Throughout Hole's career, vocalist/guitarist Courtney Love's notorious public image has overshadowed her band's music. In their original incarnation, Hole was one of the noisiest, most abrasive alternative bands performing in the early '90s. By the time of their second album, 1994's Live Through This, the band had smoothed out many of their rougher edges, also adding more melodies and hooks to their songwriting. Through both versions of Hole, Love's combative, assaultive persona permeated the group's...