9 Songs, 38 Minutes


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3.3 out of 5
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23 Ratings
みっつぃ ,



和泉 明日美 ,


only reason I purchase album beacuse it have i see me and woo weekend....


You kiddin..AVEX.

At first, I thought they would be LIVE versions @summer sonic or @a-nation.
But.. What the hell are you doing…AVEX? I just don’t know your purpose, what’s the matter with you? and…
Even there’s no proper promo about this release… How dare you treat BoA like this…
Wasn’t it supposed to celebrate her 10th anniv.??
I’ve already had those songs in my physical albums.
So I just purchased them because of BoA…100%!!!!!! JUST FOR HER!!!
Songs are perfect. and Her vocal is captivatin’. 5 of 5 stars in my rating?? only for BoA!!! for her 10yrs great effort + achievement...;(
This isn’t really appropriate for 10th anniv. it’s wrong……
She’s been with you through it all for 10yrs….as a sincere & earnest artist.
You Shouldn’t do this…AVEX………huh ;-(

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