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Commonly dismissed as a disappointment upon its initial release, the soundtrack to Led Zeppelin's concert movie The Song Remains the Same is one of those '70s records that has aged better than its reputation — it's the kind of thing that's more valuable as the band recedes into history than it was at the time, as it documents its time so thoroughly. Of course, that time would be the mid-'70s, when the band was golden gods, selling out stadiums across America and indulging their wildest desires both on and off stage. It was the kind of excess that creates either myth or madness, and this 1976 live album — comprised of highlights from their three shows at Madison Square Garden during July 1973 — has its fair share of both, as Zeppelin sounds both magnificent and murky as they blow up songs from their first five albums to a ridiculously grand scale. This is not the vigorous, vicious band documented on the subsequently released live BBC Sessions or the majestic might of the 2003 live album How the West Was Won and its accompanying eponymous DVD, where the band still sounded tight even when they stretched out for 20 minutes. Here, on a show documented just about 18 months after those on How the West, the group is starting to let their status as stars go to their head ever so slightly. They no longer sound hungry; they sound settled, satisfied at their status as rock overlord, and since a huge part of Zeppelin's appeal is their sheer scale, hearing them at their most oversized on The Song Remains the Same is not without its charm. This, more than any of their studio albums, captures both the grandiosity and entitlement that earned the band scorn among certain quarters of rock critics and punk rockers in the mid-'70s, which makes it a valuable historical document in an odd way, as the studio records are such magnificent constructions and the archival live albums so powerful. Plus, there is a certain sinister charm to the sheer spectacle chronicled on The Song Remains the Same, particularly in the greatly expanded 2007 reissue, which adds six previously unreleased tracks, helping pump up this already oversized album into something truly larger than life. At this stage, Zeppelin only seemed concerned with pleasing themselves, but they only did so because they could — others tried to mimic them, but nobody could get the sheer size of their sound, which was different yet equally monstrous on-stage as it was on record. It wasn't as consistent on-stage as it was on record — a half-hour "Dazed and Confused" may be the stuff of legend, but it's still a chore to get through — but the very fact that Led Zeppelin could take things so far is part of their mystique, and nowhere is that penchant of excess better heard than on The Song Remains the Same.


30年目の「Soundtrack form the film」

最初に聴いたとき、何か変だなと思ったのですが、新盤DVDを入手して疑問が解けました。 旧アルバムはサントラと名乗りながら映画とは違うテイクを収録していたのですが、今回、30年ぶりに「映画のサウンドトラック盤」というアルバムタイトルに即した内容にしたのですね。 現在までに気の付いた点をいくつか報告しますと、 ・上記の通り、旧アルバムのリマスターではなく、新盤DVDのサウンドトラックです。 ・旧アルバムに散見したオーバーダビングが無くなっています。 ・個人的には「祭典の日」「ノー・クォーター」は旧アルバム所収テイクの方が好きだったので少し残念です。 ・さすがに音質が良くなりました。ジョーンズのペダルベースが鮮明に聞えます。マディソン・スクエア・ガーデンの箱鳴りも聞き取れます。 「旧アルバムのリマスターではない」ということを理解した上で購入なさるのが良いと思います。


ZepのCMがTVで流れるなんざ、とんでもないなぁ、などとおもいつつ、iTMSで、このアルバムをちょこちょこ試聴してみると・・・・各曲30秒の断片から、えげつないオーラが! なんか、とんでもないぞ、コレ!と直感で、アルバム丸ごとポチっと。 大正解!でしたわ、ええ。 アナログ>CD>今回の2007リマスター版、連続で聴き比べましたが、アナログ盤がブートに聞こえる程の違い! 曲数もオリジナルセットに限りなく近づいて、30年来の悲願のアルバムになったと私は感じました。 Over the hill and faraway 必聴です!


いやはや、“ペイジー”の手によりリマスターされた事によって実に生々しい音になりました。 流石、世界で唯一、ステージ上でのZEPPの音を知っているギタリストの手による監修です。 演奏自体は、平均点って所でしょうが・・・・もっと、凄いのが出て来る&此れからの新たな新録に期待してしまいます!!


結成: 7月, 1968 England

ジャンル: ロック

活動期間: '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s

What the Beatles were to the '60s, Led Zeppelin were to the '70s: a band so successful and innovative they wound up creating the prism through which their entire epoch was seen. Zeppelin ushered in the era of album rock — they refused to release singles off their albums, even when they were garnering massive radio play — and of arena rock, playing ever-larger stadiums as their ticket sales skyrocketed. Other bands played on a similar field but Led Zeppelin carried a unique mystique cultivated...