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If You're Feeling Sinister: Live At the Barbican

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Belle & Sebastian's second record, If You're Feeling Sinister, is, for all intents and purposes, really their first, since their debut in 1996 was not heard outside of privileged inner circles. And If You're Feeling Sinister really did have quite a bit of an impact upon its release in 1996, largely because during the first half of the '90s the whimsy and preciousness that had been an integral part of alternative music was suppressed by grunge. Whimsy and preciousness are an integral part of If You're Feeling Sinister, along with clever wit and gentle, intricate arrangements — a wonderful blend of the Smiths and Simon & Garfunkel, to be reductive. Even if it's firmly within the college, bed-sit tradition, and is unabashedly retrogressive, that gives Sinister a special, timeless character that's enhanced by Stuart Murdoch's wonderful, lively songwriting. Blessed with an impish sense of humor, a sly turn of phrase, and an alluringly fey voice, he gives this record a real sense of backbone, in that its humor is far more biting than the music appears and the music is far more substantial that it initially seems. Sinister plays like a great forgotten album, couched in '80s indie, '90s attitude, and '60s folk-pop. It's beautifully out of time, and even if other Belle & Sebastian albums sound like it, this is where they achieved a sense of grace.



「天使のため息」のライヴ盤。試聴すると一瞬、オリジナルアルバムバージョンかと間違えるほど完璧な演奏。もうあり得ないくらいに。 ベルセバといえばひ弱なポップバンドというイメージを持ってる人は、考えを改めた方が良い。以前、たった一度だけ見たゼップ大阪でのライヴ演奏は、まさに完璧だった。スチュアート・マードックのおだやかなカリスマ性もかっこ良かった。 UKインディーポップにありがちな、ただ単に下手なだけのくせに「逆にアマチュアっぽくて親近感が持てる」的な世界観とは完全に一線を画しているバンドです。


結成: 1995 Glasgow, Scotland

ジャンル: オルタナティブ

活動期間: '90s, '00s, '10s

A band that takes its name from a French children's television series about a boy and his dog would almost have to be precious, and to be sure, Belle & Sebastian are precious. But precious can be a damning word, and Belle & Sebastian don't have the negative qualities that the word connotes: they are private but not insular, pretty but not wimpy; they make gorgeous, delicate melodies sound full-bodied. Led by guitarist/vocalist Stuart Murdoch, the seven-piece band has an intimate, majestic...

ベル・アンド・セバスチャン トップアルバム & ソング