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First Impressions of Earth

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A mix of quintessential Strokes songs and daring experimentation, First Impressions of Earth features "You Only Live Once," which is everything a fan could want from a Strokes song: a joyful melody, skipping rhythm, and cheerfully snotty lyrics. "Juicebox," meanwhile, mixes a bassline nicked from the "Peter Gunn Theme" and ragged grunge before landing on a soaring chorus; love it or hate it, the song has unforgettable boldness and creativity. While jaded lyrical territory is nothing new for the Strokes, there's a new depth to the ennui; on the blasé ballad "Ask Me Anything," Casablancas repeats "I've got nothing to say" so often that the listener has no choice but to believe him. However, the band regains its fire on "Ize of the World" and "Razorblade."



②ジュースボックス 「トーチを渡してくれてありがとう・・・おかげで手を火傷したみたいなんだけど。これ、返してもいいかな?」
④レイザーブレイド 「自惚れは分別をたやすく奪い、たいていは常識を凌駕する。」
⑤オン・ジ・アザーサイド 「欲望からの解放なくして、誰も成長を遂げることはできない。」
⑥ヴィジョン・オブ・デヴィジョン 「自分は誰なのか vs 自分は誰になりたいのか : 勝者はどっち?」
過去の歌詞で「正しい事を言って、間違って行動する俺」や「”もうややこしくしないでよ”って しないさ、今のところはね」っていうのがあったけど、その通り、あなたは正しい!(笑) ややこしくしないでよ!(笑)


結成: 1998 New York, NY

ジャンル: オルタナティブ

活動期間: '90s, '00s, '10s

Equally inspired by classic tunesmiths like Buddy Holly and John Lennon and the street-smart attitude and angular riffs of fellow New Yorkers Television and the Velvet Underground, the Strokes were also equally blessed and cursed with an enormous amount of hype — particularly from the U.K. music press, whose adulation for the group rivaled their fervor for Oasis in the early '90s. Barely in their twenties by the time their debut album, Is This It, arrived in 2001, singer/songwriter Julian Casablancas,...