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Zwischen Himmel und Erde

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Klee are a part of the '90-2000s European pop/rock movement, which doesn't really register as a concise style on the public radar due to the simple fact that bands sing in different languages, but remains a distinct musical phenomenon spanning acts across the Continent, from Denmark's Superjeg to Ukraine's Okean Elzy. Reamonn's "Supergirl" was the biggest hit the style has produced, and it pretty much sums it up: clean guitars; a mildly dynamic tempo; quiet vocals; a simple melody; a melancholic, comforting mood. Equally rooted in music of Sting, R.E.M., and Del Amitri, this sound is far from groundbreaking, but has a specific vibe that is as recognizable as it is nice. Zwischen Himmel und Erde delivers this sort of Old World rock with the best of them: it's a dozen smooth, silky songs that play like a sonic equivalent of a light summer rain on the streets of Brussels or Brunswick. The music is professionally arranged, with pianos and strings appearing in all the right places, but the extra stuff is so well integrated into the music that it completely blends into the background. Unobtrusiveness is a key word for Zwischen Himmel und Erde in general, but it is a compliment here — this is not a flashy album, but a pleasant one. Suzie Kerstgens' voice hovers over simple guitar textures, which are actually pretty lively (think U2 at their tamest) but do not really feel like it — it's all peace and quiet and cozy contemplation. Barring the oxymoron of dynamic relaxation, there's not much to describe Zwischen Himmel und Erde by other than its soft, charming vibe, but then again, genuine charm is not easy to find, and there's plenty of that here.



 ジャケット写真は寒々としていますが、このアルバムに収められている音にはとても暖かみがあります。  本作はこのバンドの3作目ですが、1作目は予算の関係もあってか(笑)、打ち込み系の音が中心、2作目はうって変わって生のバンドっぽくてロック寄りの音でまとめられていたところ、本作は2作目でのバンド風の音を基軸にしながら、2作目にかすかに残っていた1作目譲りの機械的な風味を意識的に削ぎ落とした音作りをしている印象です。  2作目よりロック色が薄れて、よりポップス風の音になったと言ってもいいと思います。  2作目にはなかったストリングスの音が入っているのも、暖かみを感じさせる一因かも知れません。  そして、このバンドのアルバムは、どれも最後の曲がメランコリックな仕上がりなのが大きな特徴だと思いますが、本作の最後を飾る曲は本当に感傷的な気分になる佳曲です。ジョン・レノンの「イマジン」のコード進行を拝借(笑)しつつ、きちんとオリジナリティを保っている曲で、お薦めです。  そのほか、アルバム1曲目、シングルカットされた8曲目(これはビデオが大傑作なので機会があればぜひご覧になってください)も一押しです。


結成: Cologne, Germany

ジャンル: ポップ

活動期間: '00s, '10s

German electronic pop band Klee formed in Köln in 1998. Originally founded under the name Ralley, frontwoman Suzie Kerstgens, guitarist Tom Deininger, and keyboardist Sten Servaes adopted the Klee moniker following a brief 2002 hiatus, borrowing the name in honor of expressionist painter Paul Klee as well as its English translation, "clover." With the name change came a stylistic break from the guitar rock of the trio's previous incarnation toward the more melodic, electronic-oriented approach introduced...
Zwischen Himmel und Erde, Klee
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