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Like Blood Like Honey

Holly Brook

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Though Holly Brook claims that her biggest influence is Joni Mitchell, to anyone listening to her debut album, Like Blood Like Honey, the clearest comparison is instead to fellow Mitchell devotee Sarah McLachlan. In fact, the record could practically read as a link between Surfacing and Afterglow. The opener, "Giving It Up for You" is reminiscent of "Fallen," "Curious" sounds like "Angel," and everything else seems to correspond somehow to one of McLachlan's sentimentally charged songs. But Brook is also a talented and affective songwriter in her own right, and so cuts like "Wanted," "Saturdays," and the aforementioned "Giving It Up for You" are able to convey true emotion over thoughtful melodies that, while they do follow basic adult radio rock rules, are still interesting and catchy. Unfortunately she, like McLachlan, falls into the trap of excessively dramatic lyrics that speak of heartache and self-discovery over heavy piano chords, variations of the same poignant plea again and again. Nothing on Like Blood Like Honey is bad; Brook has decent musical ideas to which she stays true and consistent throughout the album's entirety, but the repetition makes most of it pretty forgettable, each emotional song after emotional song blending into one sad piano ballad. It's almost as if Brook isn't quite sure enough of herself yet to delve outside of her comfortably overly sensitive state. She finds solace and strength in being depressed and honest ("What I wouldn't give just to get some rest/So I can remember how to live again," she mournfully admits in "What I Wouldn't Give"), but still, the security that she creates for herself can only exist based on other people's acknowledgement of it. "I will be wanted, I will not fall from grace" (a theme McLachlan touches upon often) Brook sings, but it's not so much of an affirmation as an assertion that her own feelings of worth are dependent upon other people's definition of who she is. Perhaps if she is able to distance herself from these sentiments, for her next album she will able to break away from McLachlan's mold and find something that's a little more originally hers.



うわぁ…ホリー・ブルックがついに、i Tunes Storeに!!ヾ(o>∀<o)/ すごくうれしいです!! マイナーだけど、大好きです。いいんですよねぇ。落ち着くというか。。 私はもうCD持ってるんですけど、これを機にもっとたくさんの人に聴いてもらいたいアーティストです。 ハスキーだけど透明感のある歌声で、ピアノとの相性が抜群です☆ 裏声がきれいで、全体的にちょっと物悲しいところがまた良い!! 鬼束ちひろとか好きなかたオススメ♡


はじめは、アイドルのドPOPかと思っていたらいい意味で裏切られた…。 アコースティック調のスローでもの悲しさも伝わる曲にちょっぴりハスキーな声が心の奥に伝わってきて、 しっとりとした曲調に自然と聴き手も心奪われてくる。 並みのアーティストで終わって欲しくないなぁ…。 (個人的意見。)  ぜひ、聴いてみてください。


linkin parkの秘蔵っ子。活躍してほしいです。


誕生: 1986年2月23日

ジャンル: ポップ


The woman behind hits such as Eminem's “Love the Way You Lie” and Fort Minor's "Where'd You Go," singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Skylar Grey (formerly Holly Brook) began singing at the age of two. Her first muses were folk and jazz, two sounds she found in perfect harmony upon discovering the music of Joni Mitchell. The budding songstress took the stage with her mother at the age of six and had her own band and two recordings under her belt by the time she was in high school. She continued...
Like Blood Like Honey, Holly Brook
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