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About Katie Got Bandz

A leader in Chicago's drill movement -- a genre where infectious hooks meet gangsta lyrics -- rapper Katie Got Bandz was an 18-year-old fast-food worker and college student when her "I Need a Hitta" became a viral hit in 2012. Born Kiara Johnson and raised in Chicago's Bronzeville area, Katie was convinced by her cousin Donta Moye aka producer BlockOnDaTrack to try her hand at rapping. Their first cut together, "I Need a Hitta," was uploaded to the Web in late 2011, all while Katie was taking orders at a drive-thru window and attending classes at Truman College. By 2012, she didn't need to worry about slinging burgers any more, as the song had become a viral hit, and wound up next to tracks from Haleek Maul, Supreme Cuts, and others on the L.R.A.D. Chicago compilation. In 2013 she released the single "Ridin' Around and We Drillin'" along with the mixtape Drillary Clinton, while 2014 saw the single "Pop Out" drop with special guest King Louie. ~ David Jeffries



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