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Rio Grande Blood

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Outraged, out of control, and a little bit out of ideas, Ministry unleashes their second attack on President George W. Bush with Rio Grande Blood, number two in Al Jourgensen's promised Bush-hating trilogy, which when finished will bring his Ministry project to a close. The manipulated Bush samples and hate-filled revolution lyrics utilized on 2004's great Houses of the Molé are back, and if there's an easy way to differentiate that album from what is essentially Molé, Pt. 2, it's the contribution Prong guitarist Tommy Victor makes to this edition of Ministry, giving Rio Grande Blood a tauter crunch, a sharper thrash. Victor's influence extends past the tracks he appears on, as evidenced by the opening title track, which finds Jourgensen creating a Prong-ish juggernaut on his lonesome. While lumbering numbers like "Fear (Is Big Business)" and "Yellow Cake" will do little to attract new fans — and the reappearance of the Rantology compilation's "The Great Satan" feels like a cheat — there's plenty of that smart, topical bile that's uniquely Jourgensen to steady the album. Vicious thrash-punk of the highest order, "Lieslieslies" isn't afraid to question the "truth" about 9/11 and the way "Gangreen" parodies the Marines' cry of "Ooh-rah!" makes it a charming moment for pipe-bomb revolutionaries. If they happened to skip the last full-length, Ministry fanatics would do well to start here and then work their way up to the superior Houses of the Molé. Save a couple brilliant tracks, this is just the usual "satisfying follow-up."



凄まじい爆裂サウンド、前作を上回る程のヘヴィネスで猛烈なハードコア作品となっているのがこの作品。今回はKilling JokeのPaul Raven、ProngのTommy Victor、またDead KennedysからはJello Biafra 等、豪華メンバーがフィーチャーされています。しかし、続くアンチ・ブッシュ三部作の完結作品を最後に、解散を宣言しているという悲しい現実。撤回して欲しい...ただただそう願わずにはいられない。20年を超える歴史を終わらせようとする背景に何があるのか? ラウドパーク出演のキャンセルもショックは大きい。先日、アメリカまでライブを観に行った友人が言っていた。「今回ほど凄まじいライブは無い」と。日本でも観たかった。過去のバンドにはなって欲しくない......。




White Houseに真っ向から中指たてて、もう、今後のバンドの在り方とか、保身とか捨てちゃって、全部ぶつけちゃった感じ。凄まじい。もし、自分がmajorでバンドやってたら「ただちに影響ありません」に対して、これぐらいのMessageを残して解散したい。ministry・・一生忘れません。


結成: 1981 Chicago, IL

ジャンル: ロック

活動期間: '80s, '90s, '00s, '10s

Until Nine Inch Nails crossed over to the mainstream, Ministry did more than any other band to popularize industrial dance music, injecting large doses of punky, over-the-top aggression and roaring heavy metal guitar riffs that helped their music find favor with metal and alternative audiences outside of industrial's cult fan base. That's not to say Ministry had a commercial or generally accessible sound: they were unremittingly intense, abrasive, pounding, and repetitive, and not always guitar-oriented...