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Straight Between the Eyes

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Straight Between the Eyes undoubtedly has one of the worst album covers in rock history, but the record is an unexpected return to form from the journeyman hard rockers. Just a record before, Rainbow sounded as if they were verging on Billy Squier territory, but here, they reverse course and deliver a solid, no-frills hard rock record. It isn't just that the material is stronger, though it certainly is, it's that Roger Glover abandoned his smoothed-out, radio-ready production that marred Difficult to Cure. That's not to say that Straight Between the Eyes doesn't sound dated — Rainbow was a band that was forever tied to its era — but the album does have a harder-hitting, muscular sound that is more appropriate for the band. Similarly, vocalist Joe Lynn Turner sounds more comfortable with the group, and the entire band just seems to gel, turning even the generic numbers on the album into enjoyable, straight-ahead hard rock. There may not be any specific showcases for Ritchie Blackmore, but his playing is better heard in this setting, where he's not only soloing, he's propelling the band with his powerful riffs. As always, he's the driving force behind the band, but this is truly a band effort, which is one of the reasons why Straight Between the Eyes is one of the strongest albums the group ever cut.



前作の少々眠たい展開から一転してのハードロックアルバム。 必聴はM-1 1曲目から全開バリバリ。間奏ソロのキメフレーズはこれぞリッチー節。


カセットしかない時代に聴いてたのが、ituneで聴けて感動です! デスアリードライバーはオープニングを飾るには申し分ないですよね。リッチー先生の疾走感あふれるプレイ。ジョーのボーカルも力強いです。 初期の頃のアルバム音質と比べるとだいぶ厚みがあって、なんかこうスタジオで目の前で演奏してくれているような臨場感があるんですよね。 リッチー、ロニー、コージーの三頭政治の頃とはまた違った良さがあります!


結成: 1974 England

ジャンル: ロック

活動期間: '70s, '80s, '90s

The brainchild of former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, Rainbow quickly developed into one of the '70s most successful heavy metal bands behind charismatic front man Ronnie James Dio. Together, the duo would produce a string of acclaimed albums which are still considered classics of the genre. But the group would change their musical approach numerous times following the singer's departure, eventually confusing and alienating much of their audience. Releasing eight albums during it's decade...