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The Diabolic Procession

Bible of the Devil

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This may seem like a superfluous observation when it comes to any hard rock or heavy metal group, but Chicago's Bible of the Devil are a guitar band, first and foremost. Yes, their fourth album, 2006's The Diabolic Procession, boasts nine, notably well crafted heavy metal anthems, all conceived under an intriguing thematic umbrella based on the Children's Crusade; but even these undoubtedly crucial qualities still serve supporting roles behind the record's true protagonists: the pair of Gibson Flying Vs imaginatively wielded by Mark Hoffman and Nate Perry. Armed with an enviable command of both rhythm and lead playing, the duo clearly looks up to metal's long line of legendary twin guitar tandems — Judas Priest's Tipton and Downing; Iron Maiden's Murray and Smith; hometown heroes Trouble's Franklin and Wartell — for inspiration, as they propel memorable tracks like "Sepulchre," "Judas Ships," and the much-too-brief opening onslaught of "Ecclesia Novorum Innocentium" towards the head-banging promised land. They also partner up for some distinctive harmony vocals on the chorus of "Orphans of Doom," elicit more memories of Maiden with "Millenialism's" tightly woven twin harmonies over galloping bass, bring it down for an AC/DC-like mid-section in "The Elusive Miracle," and build towards a rousing, epic finale on the heroic "Slaves." In sum, The Diabolic Procession sees Bible of the Devil using conceptual elements merely to bolster the flavors of a truly timeless record, because their fundamental recipe is already doing heavy metal's guitar-centric legacy proud.


結成: 1999 Chicago, IL

ジャンル: ロック

活動期間: '00s

A Chicago mainstay since the end of 1999, Bible of the Devil played hard and traveled the country trying to get their music heard, often enamoring fans with their hardcore D.I.Y. aesthetic. Their music also transformed from a generic punk metal to a barn burning combination of traditional American rock music and 90's-era punk. ...
The Diabolic Procession, Bible of the Devil
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