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Baby 2.0

デベロッパ:IQUII S.r.l.

この App は、iOS デバイス用の App Store でのみ入手可能です。


Baby2.0 - Parents. Never been so easy

In times when life as a new parent may seem overwhelming, Baby 2.0 is going to come to your rescue.

Baby2.0 is a fun way to keep track of your baby-related activities; thanks to its intuitive user interface, Baby 2.0 will make the recording (and the retrieving for statistical analysis and to identify patterns ) of your child’s precious information waaaay easier.

No lack of sleep will prevent you from taking notes of personal data, useful info, paps, diaper changes, medical appointments, periodic measurements OR from keeping a diary of your child’s special moments and milestones.

Baby 2.0 comes to the App Store in a Free and Premium version.

The Free version allows you to manage one baby only.
The Premium version adds the ability to manage multiple babies, to share and sync your info on multiple devices (mom, dad, doctor, nanny…), and to operate data backup and data export.


PROFILE: your baby’s basic info (date of birth, sex, weight, height, head size).

INFOS: tracking of additional useful info (Social Security Number, Tax code, National Health Service Card, Blood Type…etc.).

PAPS: tracking of feedings (time, quantities, duration and notes).

DIAPERS: tracking of diapers changes by typology: pee, poo, pee & poo (with those dreadful “overflows” trackable in the “notes” section).

MEDICAL: tracking of medical appointments and vaccination schedules.

GROWTH: tracking of periodical weight height and head size measurements. Such data are subsequently displayed in the “stats” section and display on graphs.

APPOINTMENTS: a reminder about upcoming events, appointments, shopping needs (diapers… diapers… DIAPERS!) etc.

DIARY: a feature allowing the user to create a personal diary where each entry (specified by date and time) is composed of a title, text and photography. Diary contents are optionally shareable on some social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

Baby 2.0 : managing a child has never been so easy.

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バージョン 1.1.0 の新機能

new paps informations(nurse, bottle, solid);
new medical informations (visits, vaccines, illnesses);
new growth (old measurements) informations with percentili graphs;
new appointements (old events) informations;
new diary layout with facebook share and location;

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Baby 2.0
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  • 無料
  • カテゴリ: メディカル
  • 更新:
  • バージョン: 1.1.0
  • サイズ : 4.6 MB
  • 言語: イタリア語、英語
  • 販売元:

互換性: iOS 4.2 以降。iPhone、iPad、および iPod touch に対応。