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Dungeon Quest

デベロッパ:Shiny Box Games, LLC

App を購入、ダウンロードするには iTunes を開いてください。


Embark on a journey to find the best loot and defeat all challengers in this truly free-to-play Offline Action RPG.

Featuring randomized loot, dynamically generated dungeons, and 4 acts each with their own legendary boss awaiting. Journey through unlimited floors of increasingly difficult enemies while collecting the best items possible and competing with your friends in our Battle Arena competitive leagues.

Equip your Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue with infinitely customizable weapons and armor to help destroy the elemental evils plaguing the land. There are always new ways to vanquish your foes! Upgrade your gear with our Crystal and Mythstone crafting system. Make your character even more powerful using our Gear-Based Skill and Talent system.

Tired of playing alone? Bring your other characters into combat with you to gain experience and loot alongside your hero using our Hireling system. Or maybe you'll come across one of the many endearing companions included in our Pet system!

Features Include:

• Play for as long as you want no content or pay walls
• Equip your Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue with amazing randomized loot you find on your adventure!
• Never fight in the same dungeon twice! Climb your way through unlimited randomly generated floors.
• Test your skill against one of 4 Legendary bosses at the end of every Act!
• Bring your other characters into your adventures using the new Hireling System!
•Manage your player AI to create your own army of Adventurers!
• Native Controller integration for iOS7 with full HUD support!
• Customize the Dungeons' difficulty and rewards by choose between 8 enemy power levels.
• New Pet System that lets you choose a follower to aid in your journey.

Devices Supported:
iPhone 4 and higher devices
iPod Touch 5th Gen and higher devices
iPad 2 and higher devices

We are dedicated to making Dungeon Quest the best ARPG on mobile! New content will be added regularly, so follow us on our forums, Twitter, or Facebook to get the latest news!

Please give us your feedback or comments, and help us make Dungeon Quest even BETTER!


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バージョン 2.4.5 の新機能

The Holiday Vanity Set is BACK!
During the week of December 25th all players will receive a free holiday vanity set for each character!

New Fallen Vanity set added!
New Demonic Set Affix set has been added to the game.

For a limited time grab a free Demonic Slime from your in game message system. This pet will be available until the end of December 2016.

Full Features/Patch Notes:

New Skin - Demonic
New Bundle - Ascended Demonic
New Set - Demonic: Enemies hit by your attacks have (rank)% Reduced Healing for 5 seconds. Increases DMG to enemies below 30% Health by (rank2)%.

Fixed issue with healing more than your total health while using Masochism
Fixing issue with Toxic overwriting Poison DoT damage

Design Adjustments
Coat Weapon
Changed to - Adds 15% to Crit and 25% to Elemental Crit, then doubles both chances for duration.
Heroic Skill - Now Adds 0.75% Crit per rank

Changed to - Doubles chance to dodge for duration
Base CD from 10s to 16s
Internal CD from 4s to 3s
Veil changed to - (rank)% increased Dodge and (rank2)% CoatWeapon duration while stealthed.

Increased Spell Size by 2x
Buff +1% speed to +2.5%.
Change Spell Size to +1% DMG per Pierced.

Whirling Blade
Increased Spell Size by 2x
Increased Damage Multi from 4.5 to 5
Increased Base CD from 2s to 5s
Replaced +1% speed with +2.5% damage per pierce.
Replaced +crit chance with Bleed DMG

Attack Speed and Celerity no longer affects Whirling Blades

Buffed to 2.5%/rank from 1%

Warrior Class Adjustments

Increasing Base damage from 40 to 65
Reducing Base cost from 65 to 40

Knight's Charge
Increase frequency to .125 per second from .25

Changed to - Casting OH Heals (rank)% of missing HP

Wizard Class Adjustments
Reducing Weapon Attack Speed of Wands to 40 from 60

Can now increase APS of Barrage through Hero Skill
All Barrage bolts now seek

Storm size increased from 9 to 15 yards and centered on player
Storm's chance to stun removed, replaced with 100% knock back
Storm's Cooldown increased from 3 seconds to 8
Hit Frequency from Hero Skill increased from 1% to 2.5% per rank.


iPhone スクリーンショット 1
iPhone スクリーンショット 2
iPhone スクリーンショット 3
iPhone スクリーンショット 4
iPad スクリーンショット 1
iPad スクリーンショット 2
iPad スクリーンショット 3
iPad スクリーンショット 4
Dungeon Quest
iTunes で見る
この App は iPhone、iPad の両方に対応しています。
  • 無料
  • カテゴリ: ゲーム
  • 更新:
  • バージョン: 2.4.5
  • サイズ : 64.1 MB
  • 言語: 英語
  • 販売元:
以下の理由により 9+ のレーティングがついています。
  • まれ/軽度なアニメまたはファンタジーバイオレンス

互換性: iOS 6.0 以降。iPhone、iPad、および iPod touch に対応。

Apple TV: はい



トップ App 内課金

  1. Character Save Slot 2¥120
  2. Character Save Slot 3¥120
  3. Premium Stash¥600
  4. 19.99 Gold Purchase¥2,400
  5. Auto Map Reveal¥240
  6. 1.99 Gold Purchase¥240
  7. Pet: Angelic Fairy¥120
  8. Dungeon Quest Special Bundle¥1,200
  9. Experience Boost¥120
  10. .99 Gold Purchase¥120

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