Attention: For BEST play experience use any wireless gamepad or controller (with gamepad/controller you can speed up, you can shoot sticks and knock down bags)

To select a world and a mission, you need to visually point and align the white dot with your choice

For best play experience, using a wireless controller, joystick or gamepad is advised!

NOTE You must immediately stop using your VR gadget in case of motion sickness or if you feel nauseous or dizzy

This app is compatible with all Bluetooth gamepad/controller/joystick, wireless Bluetooth gamepad VR BOX and any other Bluetooth gamepad or Bluetooth VR gear, headset or vr box controllers, what makes Eaglivion VR, one of the best VR games.

You can now speed up using your Bluetooth controller / wireless gamepad, joystick

Eaglivion is a beautiful vr game. You will look and experience your play through the eyes of an eagle; this bird flying vr game has missions where you being a bird, must successfully accomplish fishing vr and hunting vr activities, as well as the racing vr simulation mission allows you to race with other birds while going though checkpoints and collecting feathers. There are many virtual reality fun tasks and missions in this best vr game, Eaglivion is full of addicting and challenging missions.

Eaglivion is a VR game with two different worlds with 3 game modes in each. Designed for vr games category. Among vr apps Eaglivion stands out tall among VR games, for its premium performance and graphics.

Eaglivion Supports:

google cardboard
DIY VR headset
vr box
Bluetooth gamepad
wireless controller
wireless gamepad

For best performance, using google vr, google cardboard, cardboard vr, gear vr, box vr, vive is recommended
This vr games app will not disappoint you, so all you have to do is just give it a try and you will enjoy the quality vr gaming time.

Air battle
Racing in the air
Fish hunting
Finding and collecting items
Knock down Items, for instance sand bags
Realm Explorations
Picking up items and using them

This is one of the best virtual reality games for VR goggles, VR cardboard and VR headsets. You will get premium quality virtual reality flying, racing, hunting, fishing experience.

Quality HD graphics and sound
Addicting gameplay
Challenging missions
Virtual Reality Immersion

Download and start enjoying now!!!


バージョン 1.5



Denise Robertson
iOS 8.0以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。
4+ 対象年齢
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