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Galactic Gunner


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TOUCHARCADE: "The whole package creates an experience unlike anything on the App Store, and the game feels like playing an episode of a wonderfully cheesy low-budget 80's Sci-Fi show, especially whenever the Trepidoids speak."

148APPS: "Galactic Gunner truly shines in the graphics and sounds department. Spectacularly cinematic levels are truly immersive, and one short cut scene at the end of the last level was so intense that I found myself on the edge of my seat."

SLIDETOPLAY: "Galactic Gunner is a solid buy. It's a tightly focused and memorable shooter with a lot of clever humor."

APPYOURMAC: "If you love space battles, get it. If you liked Starfox or classic arcade shooters, get it. If you just want pick up and play explosions, get it. Galactic Gunner, by Ezone, packs a pretty significant amount of fun into a tiny package."

CNET: "With cinematic space scenes, a solid and often funny storyline, and challenging gameplay, this game lives up to the hype and is definitely one to grab."


Listen up Cadet! This is your Captain speaking. You are the Gunner - leave the flying to me!

Galactic Gunner is a new space shooter from - developed by the Edis brothers Jamie and Simon from Australia. They decided to make the space game they’ve always wanted to play: no difficult flying controls, no gettting lost in space, no hits from behind, no complex instructions to wade through — just eye-popping 3D action from the get go!

In Galactic Gunner you shoot down targets by touching the screen. Your pilot is a seasoned veteran who handles the steering (and audio commentary) so you can concentrate on the fun part: destroying any targets that cross your path!

Galactic Gunner has something for all ages and skill levels, with intuitive but challenging game-play. Your skill and accuracy (not just trigger/tap-happy luck) will earn you one of 15 different medals — do you have what it takes to earn the 'SuperNova Supreme'?

And if you are looking for a great way to show off your iPhone, then look no further! The dynamic lighting, real-time 3D graphics and effects of Galactic Gunner will amaze you and blow your friends away!


✔ Eye-popping real-time 3D graphics
✔ Something for all ages and skill levels
✔ Cinematic camera angles and cut-scenes
✔ 7 challenging missions to unlock
✔ 15 different medals to earn
✔ Humorous salute to classic sci-fi movies and games
✔ Full dramatic soundtrack
✔ Over 200 lines of entertaining audio dialog
✔ Touch controls
✔ 3D menu system: swipe left or right to access options
✔ Auto-save: replay any mission whenever you want
✔ 3 game save slots
✔ Dynamic 3D lighting and effects
✔ Vibration feedback (iPhone only)

Other games you may like: Crazy Snowboard, Crazy Turkey Blast, and Scarecrow.

バージョン 1.0.2 の新機能

New OS 3.0 feature: send a brag email with your score and rank without leaving the game.

iPhone スクリーンショット

iPhone スクリーンショット 1
iPhone スクリーンショット 2
iPhone スクリーンショット 3
iPhone スクリーンショット 4
iPhone スクリーンショット 5



おもしろいですよ、でも…。 予備知識無しでいきなりはじめたら、わけもわからずゲームオーバー。 まず、ギャラクシアン3わかる人なら想像つくと思いますが 自動パイロットの垂れ流しムービーで、自分は敵機狙ってタップ射撃です。 面白いのですが、いらっと来る点がいくつか。 ・始まったのかどうかわからず突然スタート。ムービーとの切れ目がわかりずらい。 ・場所によって重くて発射にタイムラグがある。 ・ステージのノルマは結構きつめですが、クリアできないでいると、「もう降参して次やってみる?」的なメッセージが・・・ あとはステージ数がちょっと少なめですが値段相応なのかな・・・もうちょっと増えると嬉しいです。




なんとなく購入しましたが、まぁまぁでした。 最初は、どうしていいかわからず迷ってしまいました。 慣れてきてもハマリこむことも無かった。

Galactic Gunner
iTunes で見る
  • ¥120
  • カテゴリ: ゲーム
  • 更新:
  • バージョン: 1.0.2
  • サイズ : 28.4 MB
  • 言語: 英語
  • 販売元:
以下の理由により 9+ のレーティングがついています。
  • まれ/軽度なアニメまたはファンタジーバイオレンス

互換性: iOS 2.1 以降。iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。