Castro lets you track lots of podcasts at once without getting overwhelmed. Here’s how it works:

1) Newly published episodes land in the INBOX. From here, you can read the descriptions, decide if you’re interested, queue the good ones and archive the rest.

2) The QUEUE is a central playlist to plan your listening in advance. Queued episodes are automatically downloaded.

3) Press Play. Castro plays your queue in order from top to bottom. Reorder or archive queued episodes anytime.

4) In the ARCHIVE you can find the back catalogue of all shows you subscribe to, browse your listening history, and easily access your starred episodes

We call this “Triage”. Triage lets you expand your listening habits without getting overwhelmed. With Castro, subscribing to a podcast doesn’t mean making a commitment to listen to every episode. You don’t have to choose a narrow few shows and miss out on the rest.

Castro provides the top charts by genre so you can browse popular shows easily. Tap search to easily find shows you know or hear about.

Personal recommendations from friends are another great way to find new shows. Castro users can easily share direct links to episodes and podcasts. Tapping a Castro link will open the episode in the app, where you can queue it right away. If your friends don't have Castro yet, a beautiful web interface lets them play the episode from a browser.

The Castro iMessage App makes sharing even easier.
- Easily share recently played episodes with your friends and family
- When you receive a recommendation from someone else add it to your queue without leaving the Messages app

Castro maintains a chronological list of your played episodes in History. This makes it easy to find these episodes for sharing later.

If you hear an episode you love, you can star it. Your starred list becomes your personal podcast hall of fame, allowing you to easily share your favourite episodes next time someone asks you for a recommendation.

Castro’s notifications look great, and include a short summary of the episode to help you decide if it interests you. From the notification you can play, queue or archive the episode directly, without opening the app.

Enhanced Audio improves the listening experience for many podcasts and makes it easier to hear in loud environments. Under the hood, Enhanced Audio applies a dynamic compressor and a peak limiter to increase volume just where it’s needed.

CarPlay is better with Castro. You’ve already queued the episodes you’re interested in, so it’s one tap to start playing. Castro’s powerful queue and inbox system means that you don’t need to dig through collections of playlists to find the episode you’re looking for.

Castro’s Widget reveals the next 4-12 episodes in your queue at a glance. Tap the podcast artwork to open Castro and start playing that episode.

Quick Actions also allow 3D Touch users to start a sleep timer, search for a podcast using the clipboard, and jump straight to the inbox or the queue, by force pressing on the app icon.

- Drag and drop support on iOS 11 to help you triage and reorder your queue.
- Castro sports an elegant dark mode and well-thought out sleep timer, offering the best in night time podcast listening.
- Our "Tentacles" backend server constantly scans for new episodes across every podcast, so your phone doesn’t have to, saving battery life and data usage.
- Download and Storage management: Queued episodes are automatically downloaded, so you can focus on deciding what you want to hear and let Castro manage the details.
- Fine scrubbing: drag the playhead to scan quickly, or drag the waveform for precision scrubbing.
- Beautifully rendered full screen show notes allow you to follow up and explore links of episodes that provide these details.
- Rotation support, and big playback controls on the player for easy use while driving.


バージョン 2.6

New Features:
* Backup your Castro data to iCloud Drive
Castro will automatically back up your user data every 24 hours. This means that if anything else goes wrong that causes you to lose your data, you will be able to restore everything back the way it was at the time of the last backup. You can find the feature in Settings-Backup / Restore Castro. Tapping a backup cell will initiate a restore.
* You can now tap on a podcast’s description in search results to view the whole description.

* If Enhanced Audio is disabled you should be able to skip/change playback speeds without any issues. (See “Known Issues” below for more detail)
* Fixes issue where restored backups from iCloud could fail to resubscribe on the server, leading to missing inbox episodes.
* Performance boost when opening long lists of episodes.
* Fixes issue where CarPlay would show 0x for the play speed, and toggling play speed would fail.
* An issue preventing the playback speed toggle from working on the Apple Watch Now Playing screen is fixed.
* The iMessage Recently Played app no longer draws incorrectly if you’re using night mode in the main app. Also, it doesn’t crash anymore if you have no played episodes.
* A bug where the expanded player controls didn’t respect the rotation lock setting has been fixed.

Known Issues
* When Enhanced Audio is enabled you may encounter issues with skipping and changing playback speeds. For example, the play position might skip further than expected when you tap skip forward / back.







Should have bought it years ago. If you like podcasts delete the Apple default app and install this. Much easier to manage your podcasts.

Triage all the great Podcasts!


Great app for helping choose what to listen to next without getting overwhelmed by too many Podcast episodes downloaded in Playlists and never listened to.

キューと受信トレイ 最高な仕組み

Mikey T.

溜まってきたポッドキャストを全て聴き尽くさなきゃ!という精神的に困る私にとっては、Castro 2のように、受信トレイ(とりあえず聴こうと)と、キュー(必ず聴く)でポッドキャストを分ける仕組みが素晴らしいです。必ず聴くエピソードを直接キューに、時間があれば聴くエピソードを受信トレイに。すると、聴かないかもしれないエピソードが邪魔にならないけど、聴きたい時に、受信トレイにあるから気軽に聴けます。



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