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Use OmniFocus to accomplish more every day. Create projects and tasks, organize them with tags, focus on what you can do right now — and get stuff done.

OmniFocus — now celebrating 10 years as the trusted, gold-standard to-do list app — brings unrivaled power and flexibility to your Mac, making it easy to work the way you want to work.

OmniFocus manages everything in your busy life. Use projects to organize tasks naturally, and then add tags to organize across projects. Easily enter tasks when you’re on the go, and process them when you have time. Tap the Forecast view — which shows both tasks and calendar events — to get a handle on your day. Use the Review perspective to keep your projects and tasks on track.

Then let our free syncing system make sure you data is the same on every Mac. (And on OmniFocus for iOS, available separately.) Because your data is encrypted, it’s safe in the cloud.


• NEW: Tags add a powerful additional organizing tool. Create tags for people, energy levels, priorities, locations, and more.
• NEW: The Forecast view shows your tasks and calendar events in order, so you can better see what’s coming up in your day.
• NEW: Enhanced repeating tasks are easier than ever to set up — and they work with real-world examples such as the first weekday of the month.
• NEW: The Modern, fresh-but-familiar design helps you focus on your content.
• Inbox is where you quickly add tasks — save them when you think of them, and organize them later.
• Syncing supports end-to-end encryption so that your data is safe wherever it’s stored, on our server or yours.
• Notes can be attached to your tasks, so you have all the information you need.
• Attachments — graphics, video, audio, whatever you want — add richness to your tasks.
• View Options let you customize each perspective by deciding what it should show and how it should filter your tasks.
• The Review perspective takes you through your projects and tasks — so you stay on track.
• OmniFocus Mail Drop adds tasks via email and works with services like IFTTT and Zapier (if you’re using our free syncing server).
• The Today Widget shows you your most important items — you don’t even have to switch to the app to know what’s up.
• Support for TaskPaper Text and omnifocus:///add and /paste lets you automate using URLs.

Pro features make OmniFocus even more powerful:


• Custom perspectives help you create new ways to see your data by filtering and grouping projects and tags. NEW: The filtering rules are simpler to use while being more powerful than ever, letting you combine rules with “all,” “any,” and “none.” You can also choose any image to use as your custom perspective’s icon, and a custom tint color to go with it.
• NEW: Today’s Forecast can include items with a specific tag, and you can reorder those tasks however you choose, so you can plan your day better.
• The customizable sidebar lets you organize your perspectives the way you want to, for super-fast access.
• The Today Widget shows a perspective of your choice in Notification Center.
• AppleScript support opens up a world of automation, using Apple’s Mac scripting language.

Download OmniFocus right now and start your free trial! The app includes a manual, and there’s plenty more documentation on the website.


If you have feedback or questions, our Support Humans would love to hear from you! Send email to omnifocus@omnigroup.com, call us at at 1-800-315-6664 or +1-206-523-4152, or reach us on Twitter at @omnifocus.


バージョン 3.1

OmniFocus 3.1 adds localizations, a light sidebar option, and automatic theme switching in macOS Mojave.

• Localizations — OmniFocus is now localized in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.
• macOS Mojave — Added a preference to automatically follow the system appearance to the Style Preference Pane.
• Sidebar — Added a light sidebar appearance. To use this appearance in the OmniFocus theme, uncheck “Always use dark sidebar” in OmniFocus Style Preferences.
• Forecast — Forecast now hides declined calendar events, and events in the past. Clean Up removes events that are still the Forecast outline but are now in the past due to passage of time.
• Columns — Fixed problems with the Columns layout and narrow windows.
• Copy/Paste — Fixed a problem where copying a parent task with child tasks selected would result in duplicate child tasks on paste.
• Crash — Fixed a crash in Quick Entry.
• Crash — Fixed a crash related to perspective settings.
• Crash — Fixed a sync-related crash.
• Dark Theme — General fixes to the dark theme.
• Help — Fixed a problem where the Help window presented in Full Screen when it shouldn’t have.
• High Sierra — Fixed a problem with the appearance of the View Options popover in Dark mode in High Sierra.
• Perspectives — Fixed a problem where a perspective would appear to be in a state with transient changes as soon as you clicked into a field.
• Perspectives — Fixed a problem where custom perspectives with certain filter rules would not update correctly when their contents changed.
• Perspectives — Fixed a problem where transient changes to a perspective would be saved on Quit and the perspective would never revert to its saved settings.
• Sidebar — Fixed problems with enabled states and appearances of the plus and gear buttons at the bottom of the sidebar.
• VoiceOver — Made several improvements to VoiceOver in OmniFocus.
• Smaller Fixes and Improvements — Including crash fixes.

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⭐️ (北極星)




当方 18年6月にOmniFocus 2のStandard版を購入していましたが, OmniFocus 3のStandard版へのアップグレードは無償でした.

OmniFocus 3起動後にStandard/Proへのアップグレード催促の画面が表示されますが, この画面で「OmniFocus 2を持ってるよ」という項目を選択すれば無償になる? ようです.



OmniFocus 2からThings 3に移行しましたが、細かい機能の利便性がOmniFocusの圧勝で、今回戻りました。やっぱり安定しています。


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