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デベロッパ:Jianming Chen

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Dimensions – a handy measuring tool for designers and developers.

Works with main display, multiple monitor setup and Retina displays!

Measure the dimensions of objects on screen instantly as you move cursor over them. Find distance between objects quickly.

Enable/disable measurement easily with global shortcut.

Copy current dimensions to clipboard with global shortcut, which is customizable. You can even customize the clipboard format.

Configure lines color as you like.

バージョン 1.4 の新機能

Fix crash when switching spaces (desktops)
Note: it doesn't support spaces yet.


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  • ¥600
  • カテゴリ: 開発ツール
  • 更新:
  • バージョン: 1.4
  • サイズ : 2.7 MB
  • 言語: 英語
  • 販売元:

互換性: OS X 10.9 以降、64ビットプロセッサ



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