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Mac App Store から Starbox をダウンロードするには、OS X 10.6.6 以降を搭載した Mac が必要です。 さらに詳しく。


デベロッパ:Frank Mezzatesta

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Starbox is a retro puzzle game. Move your starbox through randomly-generated block fields to earn points, with a twist! Your starbox will slide in the direction you choose until running into an block. Not only that, your starbox will also curve and bounce off of certain block arrangements that it hits!

Starbox comes with a top 10 highscores board, as well as in-game options to customize your experience.

A fixed amount of points are given per unit traveled. You can earn points at a quicker rate by accumulating a large combo.
Stopping gives +1 combo
Curving (90 degree turn) gives +2 combo
Bouncing (180 degree turn) gives +3 combo
Combo maxes out at 99x

バージョン 2.0 の新機能

Changes from version 1.0 to version 2.0:
• ! [notice] the first time you play this game after updating, there may be save-file issues; close and reopen the game
• color animation now at 30fps instead of 60fps [less GPU usage, computer will run at a cooler temperature and fans will run slower]
• rainbow colors are slightly less bright [slightly less blinding at the yellowish end]
• movement animation is smoother and slightly faster, with less jitter
• audio generally better [there used to be audio clipping at the beginning of a sound]
• rate-limited button presses to fifteen inputs per second
• different instrumentation for sound effects - less harsh
• short piece of music for credits page
• highscores now generic names, adjusted the top scores to be lower, adjusted the bottom scores to be higher
• changed the pool of selectable letters/symbols on the highscore screen
• now free [previously $0.99]


スクリーンショット 1
スクリーンショット 2
スクリーンショット 3
スクリーンショット 4
スクリーンショット 5
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  • 無料
  • カテゴリ: ゲーム
  • 更新:
  • バージョン: 2.0
  • サイズ : 1.4 MB
  • 言語: 英語
  • 販売元:

互換性: OS X 10.8 以降、64ビットプロセッサ