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Mackie Master Fader 3

開発: Mackie

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The Mackie Master Fader™ app provides complete wireless control over your Mackie DL32R, DL1608 or DL806 wireless digital mixer. Proven at more than 2 million live mixes worldwide, the incredible intuitive Master Fader control app delivers fast control over powerful processing and a rich set of mixing tools for any professional application.

Mackie Master Fader v3.0 provides the perfect way to try out the functions of the DL32R, DL1608 or DL806 before you buy. For actual audio functionality, a Mackie DL mixer is required.


* Intuitive multi-touch control over every major mix function
* Grow and Glow™ clearly shows controls being adjusted
* Total recall of all mixer settings using snapshots and shows
* Overview delivers instant access to all inputs, outputs, groups and more
* Mixer view allows fast adjustment of channel controls including solo, mute, pan and level with full metering
* Channel view gives control over a choice of powerful DSP
-- Inputs: Choice of Vintage or Modern 4-band PEQ + HPF, gate and compression
-- Return Channels: 4-band PEQ and compression
-- Outputs: 4-band PEQ + HPF/LPF, 31-band GEQ, comp/limiter and alignment delay
-- Subgroups: 4-band PEQ and compression
-- FX: Wide choice of reverbs and delays with dedicated channels sends and returns to each output
* Recording/Playback view delivers wireless control over direct-to-disk multi-track recording/playback*
* VCAs and mute groups provide fast control over multiple channels at once
* 6 matrix busses for professional control of multiple mixes**
* Full I/O routing with A/B sources per channel**
* Fast navigation with view groups that provide customizable views
* Quick setup with tons of factory and user-definable presets
* Export presets, a complete system backup and more via Dropbox or email
* Access limiting prevents unwanted adjustments from other engineers/musicians
* Complete offline operation for simple pre-show setup
* Support for multiple iOS devices connected wirelessly so other engineers and musicians can control any aspect of the mix

** Only available on the Mackie DL32R


* Requires iOS 7.1 or greater. The original iPad is no longer supported.
* Wi-Fi router - For wireless control (required for DL32R), a Wi-Fi router is required. See the DL Series Reference Guide for complete information
* DL32R, DL1608 or DL806 Mixer - Master Fader does not mix audio on its own. It requires the DL Series mixer to fully function
* Wireless Compatibility - DL Series mixers are compatible with the iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad (4th generation), iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini.
* Lightning Compatibility - Master Fader allows docked operation with the DL1608 or DL806 mixers with Lightning Connector with the iPad Air (using the optional iPad Air Tray Kit), iPad (4th generation), iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini (using the optional iPad mini Tray Kit).
* 30-Pin Compatibility - Master Fader allows docked operation with the DL1608 or DL806 mixers with 30-Pin Connector with the iPad (3rd generation) and iPad 2.
* iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 3 or iPad mini 2 recommended for best performance

バージョン 3.1.1 の新機能

Master Fader 3.1.1 fixes a crashing bug when trying to adjust the recording levels for a DL1608 or DL806. Whoops.

Master Fader 3.1 adds the following New Features and Enhancements:

• DL Dante Expansion Card Support
• Mute Group masters are now actionable from the overview
• Access Limit buttons were incorrectly Green instead of Red. Duh.
• The current parameter readout now shows information when making changes to the IO Patch view
• Removed decimal from current parameter readout for Pan and Balance
• All radio buttons now activate on release instead of press

Master Fader 3.1 fixed the following bugs:

• An update to Master Fader v3 from v2.1.1 and below could fail
• Crash when Access Limits Input DSP and Input Routing are enabled and then change mixes in the Output Routing Channel View
• Crash when switching between a DL32R and DL1608 in a very particular way
• Master Fader could be forced offline after an out of range iPad returned into range
• When access limited, Masters will still highlight in overview when touched
• Aux pan not recalled correctly on power cycle
• Access Limiting Mutes incorrectly limited Aux Mutes
• QAP would not show all FX muted from Mute Group
• Navigating between Matrix, Overview and Masters view could show incorrect views
• Navigating between Overview, Subgroup channel, and Mixer view could show incorrect views
• Navigating between Overview, VCA channel, and Mixer view could show incorrect views
• Linking Unlinking channels will sometimes not be shown on multiple connected iPads
• Show note edits sometimes not shown on multiple connected iPads
• Output alignment delay wasn't restored upon 2.1.1 to 3.1 update
• Toggling Access Limits was very slow
• Switching between devices could cause the view and mute group assignment sources to disappear
• Faders could disappear from Matrix Mixer View
• Long channel names could intermittently not scroll in the Matrix and Masters View
• Masters View could show no channel strips
• Still able to access the FX Channel View when FX is Access Limited
• Channel view meters could stop functioning when switching between view groups
• Mute Group assignments that were changed while a Mute Group is enabled wouldn't always update the Overview
• Linked subgroups would incorrectly show L/R selector in channel routing view
• Monitor Delay on QAP only had the ability to manually enter Meter parameter
• When Access Limited Sub Groups could still be assigned to a VCA
• Access Limiting Mutes incorrectly limited Aux Mutes
• Stereo linked Matrix channel strip would incorrectly appear twice in the Masters View
• Leaving a Show's Notes field without updating could cause connected iPads to disconnect
• With certain Access Limits enabled, selecting a Sub in the Mix Selector would navigate to the wrong view

iPad スクリーンショット

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Mackie Master Fader 3
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  • 無料
  • カテゴリ: ミュージック
  • 更新:
  • バージョン: 3.1.1
  • サイズ : 66.9 MB
  • 言語: スペイン語、ドイツ語、フランス語、簡体字中国語、繁体字中国語、英語
  • 販売元:

互換性: iOS 7.1 以降。 iPad 対応。