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myTo-Dos with Email Support

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myTo-Dos by DoApp is the perfect tool for today's busy information worker. Never again forget a to-do for the day, whether it be be personal, family, or work-related. Enter as many items as you like, by date and time range -- even enter things you want to remember weeks and months ahead, if you wish!

You can organize items by category (work, personal, family, volunteer, etc), and set a priority level for each item. The "myTo-Dos" app works just like your built-in iPhone Calendar, so you can add to and check your to-do items in the same way you're used to using your calendar throughout the day. Nothing new to learn!

But the best part of all? You have the option of emailing any of your to-do list items to whomever you want -- to your spouse, a friend, a coworker, your boss, anyone. It's a great way to share an item or load-balance your schedule -- say, when you can't pick up the kids this afternoon, and can just email that to-do item, with the pickup address, to your spouse. Or ask a colleague to make an important customer call for you when a meeting conflict suddenly comes up. The app lets you scroll up and down your list of to-dos at any time to assess your backlog of things to remember. Then choose which items to delete as done, or decide if you want to pass along any of them to someone else by email, with simply a click. "myTo-Dos" makes life easier!

COMING SOON (waiting for approval)
Enhanced email including additional fields in email text. Also includes fixes, code updates, and performance improvements for large files.

バージョン 1.2 の新機能

Updates for national language support and international date support.

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無料アプリとしては良くできていると思います。時間単位での管理はできませんが、To Doに入力した期限の日になると、メールや電話と同じようにアプリのアイコンの右上に赤丸で件数が表示されます。 To Doを誰かに頼みたい時にはボタン一つでメーラーが立ち上がり、連絡をスムーズに行うこともできます。 ただ、MacのiCalやMailのTo Doとの連携は取れません。iPhoneスタンドアロンです。 そこそこ便利そうではあるのですが、アプリが頻繁に落ちまくるのは修正して欲しいです。期限を入れようとしたら落ち、メールボタンを押したら落ちでは実用的ではないですね。バージョンアップに期待です。

Good job

A good reminder for your to do's. Try it to find why! (^-^)

myTo-Dos with Email Support
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  • カテゴリ: ビジネス
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  • バージョン: 1.2
  • サイズ : 0.1 MB
  • 言語: 英語
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互換性: iOS 2.0 以降。iPhone、iPad、および iPod touch に対応。