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Water Damage Drying Log

開発: Robert Duckworth

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NOTE! Data from Lite Version Will Not Carry to Full Version!
*I love it. I have been searching for an app like this.... J. Cook* *Your application is awesome... T Rott”*
*As a building contractor, I find your app something that is unique and clever. I have been using several apps to create a customer file. You have put all the tools in one place for those who need it. Just wanted to say nice job and good luck... Robin*
The Full Version of Water Damage Drying Log 2.0 application is the ideal tool for the Water Damage Restoration Company to manage their water damage drying projects, in the field and on the go.
The Water Damage Drying Log App (WDDL) 2.0 is a simple to use tool for water damage restoration field technicians.
WDDL 2.0 allows the service technician to carry their drying job information and drying logs with them and to export the drying job information, logs and photos.
Protect your company from the LIABILITY of accusations that the project was not dried properly or completely by sending these reports to your office, the client and the insurance company's adjuster.
WDDL 2.0 includes the following features:
Take Pictures and have them as part of the Drying Log.
Full Version allows user to Email a full report with the touch of a button right from the app! Not only can you provide a log of all the dry checks, but also all the dry check Notes and the supporting photos to back up the data collected!
Quickly view the projects that you have currently.
Call or email right from the information fields in the app.
Call the client to set up the drying check or to let them know you are running behind schedule. Call the adjuster to update them on the drying progress.
Client details including email and phone number.
Insurance Company and Adjuster information including claim number, phone number and email.

Justify the drying equipment use, by keeping a log of the dry down process.
The project’s drying logs are broken down into rooms or areas; complete with the customizable “Name” you give that room or area.
Document the kind of “Material Checked”, along with the Temperature, Relative Humidity and % of Moisture of the various wet materials monitored.
Record the Dry Standard that you are going to dry the material to.
Add new drying log records quickly and fill in the fields easily as you take your readings. Keep adding Dry Check Logs until the job is complete!
Includes a "Note" field for each dry log in each Room / Area and for each material. Now keep notes of what the scope of work was, what equipment was set up, when it was picked up. Dimensions for the Room / Area and how much of the Room / Area was effected and to what degree.
When the project is complete you have a COMPLETE LOG of the drying process to prove when you pulled the equipment out that the job was left dry and to a dry standard.
Show that the equipment you had on the job was required because you have the documentation to prove it.
Have the data to assist in the billing of the drying services.
Take photos of the meter readings and water damaged areas for reference and documentation.
We recommend taking pictures of the affected areas as the drying equipment is set up and then each dry check until the job is complete.
This Full Version allows the user will also be able to export by email full project drying log reports, complete with the photos that they choose to export with the report. Email the report where ever it needs to go! The office, the adjuster, the client, another technicians phone.
The user may select up to 10 photos per Room / Area to include with the report.
(This will use the client’s data plan for emailing if the device is not connected to WiFi or as per your phone service plan)
Protect your company and document your drying!
Visit for FAQ's and How To's!

バージョン 2.0.1 の新機能

This is an update for some minor bug fixes for the Room / Area name summary not matching the drying log Room / Area name. Also fixed the crash caused by trying to add a Drying Log from the Room / Area adding screen.

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Water Damage Drying Log
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  • ¥480
  • カテゴリ: ビジネス
  • 更新:
  • バージョン: 2.0.1
  • サイズ : 2.5 MB
  • 言語: 英語
  • 販売元:

互換性: iOS 4.0 以降。iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。