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Warren Harris, better known as Hanna, is an incredibly prolific producer and multi-instrumentalist from Cleveland, OH who has released an endless string of consistently tasteful singles and albums for almost as many labels. Harris wrote his first piece of music before he was old enough to drive, and at that point he had already learned how to play guitar, bass, and flute. Between 1999 and 2002, he released four full-length albums as Hanna (Severance, Scarlet Manifesto, Amen, and Contemplating Jazz) that have alternately worked the fields of drum ‘n' bass and house. Regardless of what style he takes on, his devout love of jazz is always present. Harris has also racked up an impressive quantity of 12" releases and has operated with fellow Ohioan Dan Curtin as Key of Soul. ~ Andy Kellman

Cleveland, OH

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