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Gifted (Unabridged)

著者: von Baron

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For less than the cost of going to a movie, you can change your life forever! Contained in these pages is a powerful process called Dream Setting created by international recording artist, life coach, and music educator Von Baron. This is the last self-help book you'll ever need because in just six steps he'll take you from wherever you are right now in your life and help you live the life of your dreams. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the happiest and most exciting ride of your life! It is your destiny to live a life that is both happy and fulfilling. You know this with the deepest part of your soul however, you may not know how to create a life so exhilarating, you just can't wait to get out of bed each morning! Von Baron is going to share with you in a succinct, fun and easy-to-follow method, how to do what you're good at that makes you and others unbelievably happy. He'll teach you how to achieve unwavering direction, extraordinary purpose, and help you raise your self-esteem and self-confidence to levels you never thought possible. This is the self-help book that clearly defines the "how-to" in changing your life. Von Baron created Dream Setting while simultaneously working in a government job and pursuing a career in music. Once he became clear about his direction in life and created and followed the six steps shared in this book, he was able to leave his job within 6 months and teach, perform and compose music full-time; all of this, in the middle of a global recession! He now wakes up every day super excited about life doing only what he loves 24/7. One of the most important results of learning and using Dream Setting is the positive impact you will have on those around you. While you improve the quality of your own life, you will also improve the lives of those around you. Now is the time for everyone on planet Earth to live joyous and prosperous lives.

von Baron, Gifted (Unabridged)
iTunes で見る ¥800
  • ナレーター: von Baron
  • 発行日: 2014
  • カテゴリ: 自己啓発
  • プロバイダ: Von Baron Music, LLC
  • 提供


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