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Frank and I

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"Frank and I, a study of flagellation in England" is a classic Victorian erotic novel, published in 1902. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes.

The sensation was delightful! With a few vigorous movements of my loins, I gradually drove the weapon further and further into the sheath; the pain making the girl wince and groan; but she could not help moving her bottom briskly up and down to meet my thrusts. I worked away, till at last the tip of my tool touched the maidenhead which barred the passage. And now, the increased pain she felt as I battered away at the tough membrane, caused her to utter little squeaks, but she did all she could to help me; wriggling, arching her loins, heaving up her bottom, and pressing me to her bosom. I poked away as hard as I could, and she bounded under me, groaning, and squeaking. I thought the membrane would never yield. I paused for a moment to recover my breath; then taking a fresh hold of her bottom, I recommenced fucking her with increased vigour, making her quiver all over; but she managed to gasp out between her squeaks and groans: “Oh! Oh! You-are-hurting-me-dreadfully!”
At last I felt the thing beginning to yield, and after a few more powerful thrusts, her maidenhead gave way; she uttered a sharp cry of pain, and my prick buried itself to the roots in her cunt. Then, a few short digs finished the affair; the supreme moment arrived, the delicious spasm seized me, and I spent profusely, pouring out a torrent of boiling sperm, while she gasped, squirmed, and wriggled her bottom furiously, uttering little squeaks of mingled pleasure and pain as the hot stuff spurted in gushes up her lacerated cunt. And when all was over, she lay trembling in my arms, her breath coming and going quickly, her bosom heaving tumultuously, and the flesh of her bottom twitching nervously; her cheeks were scarlet, and there was a languorous look in her moist eyes.

Frank and I
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  • ¥150
  • iPhone、iPad、iPod touch、および Mac でご利用になれます。
  • カテゴリ: アダルト
  • 発行日: 2011年6月6日
  • 発行者: Erotic eBooks
  • 販売元: StreetLib Srl
  • 長さ: 372ページ
  • 言葉: 英語
  • 要件: このブックを閲覧するには、iBooks 1.3.1 以降と iOS 4.3.3 以降を搭載した iOS デバイス、または iBooks 1.0 以降と OS X 10.9 以降を搭載した Mac が必要です。


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