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The Spirit Stone

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Book thirteen of the celebrated Deverry series, an epic fantasy rooted in Celtic mythology that intricately interweaves human and elven history over several hundred years.

‘A dagger laid against our throat.’

So Prince Dar of the Westlands calls Zakh Gral, a new fortress built by the Horsekin, the ancient enemies of his people. To help him destroy this threat, the elven prince has called upon his allies: the dwarven folk of the northern mountains and the human men of Deverry to the east. Their leaders know that if the Westlands fall to the Horsekin, their own throats will feel that dagger next. Joining them are two powerful dragons, who have their own bitter reasons to hate the Horsekin.

But the fanatical Horsekin believe that they have the most powerful ally of all: a new goddess. Alshandra's priestesses have announced that she has given the Horsekin the lands belonging to the prince – and that his people must be utterly destroyed.

Rooted in Celtic mythology and intricately interweaving human and elven history over several hundred years, Katharine Kerr’s dazzling saga tells of ancient enmities and undying friendships experienced through many lives. Epic fantasy on a truly grand scale.


Praise for Katharine Kerr and the Deverry novels:

‘An unusually scholarly writer of fantasy’ Telelgraph

‘Much as I dislike comparing anything to The Lord of the Rings, I have to admit that on this occasion it’s justified’ Interzone

‘Kerr is a master of her trade…She has created a world that might very well go on for ever, and this one reader sincerely hopes it does.’ Vector

‘An extensive and complete world, whose endlessly fascinating details grow book by book’ Starlog

About the author

Katharine Kerr was born in Ohio in 1944 and now lives in San Francisco. Her extensive reading in the fields of classical archeology, and medieval and dark ages history and literature, has had a clear influence on her work. Her epic Deverry series has won widespread praise and millions of fans around the world.

Publishers Weeklyより

2007年5月7日  – After the disappointment of Kerr's first entry in her Silver Wyrm series, The Gold Falcon (2006), part of her popular Deverry cycle, fans will welcome the author's usual intricate plotting and convoluted relationships in this second volume. Horsekin raiders, fired up by a bloodthirsty new goddess named Alshandra, are harrying the borders along the Westlands, forcing Prince Daralanteriel of the Westfolk to prepare for war. As Dar sends envoys to dwarven and human allies seeking assistance, the bard-mage Salamander frets over the fate of new-made wizards, husband and wife Neb and Branna, whose magical talents from their previous lives are now finally being realized in their current incarnations. In a lengthy flashback, Kerr lays out details of Neb and Branna's former incarnations and Salamander's history as a half-breed raised by elves before returning to the conflict with the Horsekin. Though not a good entry point for new readers, those already familiar with the Deverry setting and its complicated time lines and relationships should be satisfied.
The Spirit Stone
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  • ¥470
  • iPhone、iPad、iPod touch、および Mac でご利用になれます。
  • カテゴリ: ファンタジー
  • 発行日: 2010年4月1日
  • 発行者: HarperVoyager
  • 長さ: 416ページ
  • 言葉: 英語
  • 要件: このブックは、Apple BooksがインストールされたiOS 12以降のiOSデバイス、iBooks 1.3.1以降とiOS 4.3.3以降を搭載したiOSデバイス、またはiBooks 1.0以降とOS X 10.9以降を搭載したMacでのみ閲覧できます。


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