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スピードラーニング ポッドキャスト

By 株式会社エスプリライン

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『スピードラーニング ポッドキャスト』は、ネイティブスピーカーが話す英会話を聞くことができる番組『Speak UP Radio』としてリニューアル!!エスプリラインスタッフのMJ(エム・ジェイ)とアダムの2人が、日々の生活の中で気付いた様々なトピックを題材にフリートークを行うラジオ番組です。※更新は月に2回の更新を予定しています。





It is so useful for me!!! i was looking for this kind of podcast which is NOT just lecture of grammer or something in Japanese. Also thier conversation is natural and fun like they are truely close friends and that makes me feel like im in the same space with them, which means so real!! i really got involved into their world. The thing is that their voices are easy to listen and sound sexy♡
ohh you are relaxing boy.... oh yeah!!!!! cant wait next episode!!hope you guys check my review and get more motivation to work;)

So good!

Natural conversation, good mood, I like this atmosphere. If I can say my hope, I want transcript. It can cost. This kind of natural conversation is what exactly I've been wanted to listen as the learning material because every time I had a talk with natives for example at a restaurant, I can't get what they were saying, although I could understand at office.

スピードラーニング ポッドキャスト
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