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The Talk Show With John Gruber

By Daring Fireball / John Gruber

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The director’s commentary track for Daring Fireball.


Good luck with the new show

I've been a long time Talk Show listener, back when it first started several years ago. I'm also a huge John Gruber fan. I love your work on Daring Fireball, especially the care, thought, and insight you put into it. I really loved the rapport you had with Dan Benjamin as well. It just felt good to listen to you guys talk about Apple and other stuff. So I was very surprised and saddened when I found out you had suddenly stopped recording with him. It was definitely a disorienting experience. I felt sad listening to your first new show and didn't know what was going on. After reading around, I came to understand you needed to move on for business and other reasons, and I wish you well. I would have loved a clear and thoughtful end to your work with Dan on 5by5. Perhaps that can still happen somehow? Everyone has new opportunities that come up, which if followed, would mean potentially upsetting someone. That happened to me recently when I had to suddenly quit a good job to take on an even better one. My co-workers were sad to see me go, and my supervisor was a bit hassled, but in the end she came to accept my decision because it was clearly the best thing for me. If you had been open and up-front about your desire to move to a new network, people would have been sad and maybe frustrated. But in the end it would have been easier to accept because we knew you were moving on to better things. So anyway- good luck with your new show. I'm looking forward to where you'll take it, and I only give you three stars now so you don't get cocky. You have some room to grow. Have fun with that!

Now we're talking

After 90 shows, even some more of season 1, I got very used to Gruber x Benjamin. The first episode of season 3 was really not ok, but episode 2 was good, and episode 3 as well. Even as a long time listener, I quickly got used to the new setup and I trust Gruber will try to get better. Definitely I heard the trend up ^-^

My favorite thing to listen to on a Sat morn

Love the talk show.
Perfect for my 2hour weekend bus trips.

John Gruber is always insightful.
The sponsored apps are always really awesome too.

I've tried to like other tech podcasts, but Gruber's is the only one
with a human feel to it and him and his guests are really genuine.

5 stars! keep on going!

The Talk Show With John Gruber
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