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Over 20,000 people are already drinking better coffee than you! Don't wait another moment, dust off that AeroPress and get to brewing with AeroPress Timer.

AeroPress Timer is the perfect companion for the AeroPress and allows you to explore the versatility of the AeroPress with a catalog of carefully curated recipes. AeroPress Timer walks you through each recipe step-by-step to create the perfect cup.

There's no excuse for drinking bad coffee.

AeroPress is a registered trademark of Aerobie, Inc., Palo Alto, California, USA.

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버전 3.0.1

- Corrected the issue some of you were experiencing creating a new recipe.

** AeroPress Timer 3 **
We rebuilt Aeropress Timer from the ground up to make brewing that perfect easier than ever before. Check out these new features:

* Create your own recipe *
Now you can add your own recipes to AeroPress Timer. This is a feature that users have been asking for since v 1.0. But we wanted to make sure that the experience was perfect. You're going to love it.

* Favorite Recipes *
A nice and easy way to keep track of the recipes you love the most. Just tap that star.

* Recipe Notes *
Add tasting notes, coffe's you tried or brewing tips with our new recipe notes feature.

* Grind Size Guide *
Getting your coffee to just the right grind size is really essential to brewing the perfect cup. Tap on the grind size in a recipe to see our new guide to help you grind with precision.

* Brand New Design *
We rethought the design of the app to make it a better experience all around. Enjoy!

Thank you for using AeroPress Timer, we really hope you love this version.

Jarrod and Zane

** Note: AeroPress Timer 3 does not have support for the Apple Watch. We hope to add that functionality back soon.

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best companion for aeropress!!


This app is very useful with AeroPress!! And interface for timer is easy to understand and making good level of coffee! But i got a suggestion for water temperature issue, can you put the water temperature information for each recipe? It can make this app perfect!


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