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As a rare natural park within a city, Mt Bukhan was designated as the 15th National Park in Korea to preserve the beautiful natural and cultural heritage of the area and to offer pleasant services to visitors.

With an area of 79.789㎢, the park stretches over Seoul Metropolitan City and Gyeonggi Province. Mt Bukhan National Park is divided into two areas: centering on Wuyiryeong, Mt Bukhan area to the south and Mt Dobong area to the north.

The whole park is an ecologically isolated island surrounded by the city, and successfully performs as a ‘green lung’. Twenty million people from the capital and surrounding regions love to visit and rest here. With approximately six million visitors per year (2010), Mt Bukhan National Park is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most popular national park per unit area.

To protect the upper mountain areas where important natural resources are distributed, Mt Bukhan Dullegil serves to guide and disperse visitors to lower areas. To afford convenience to children, seniors and disabled people, Mt Bukhan National Park promotes itself with the goal ‘To create natural and comfortable trails where both history and culture and nature and humans coexist”.

Furthermore, to provide infrastructure to meet the needs of a wide variety of visitors, the national park office has installed smartphone applications for some sections of Dullegil.
Information will be updated to incorporate all the sections of Dullegil.

The contents are available at the official website of Korea National Park Organization (www.knps.or.kr) and Bukhansan Dullegil (http://ecotour.knps.or.kr/dulegil/index.asp).

○Service language: Korean, English, Japanese
○Service area: Five out of 13 Bukhansan Dullegil courses
○Service contents: General information including map, story-telling contents, augmented reality and side roads information
○Service guide: For more information, please refer to the application ‘How To Use’.
○Planning: Korea National Park Organization
○Progress: Korea Tourism Organization
○Production: Just Idea Ltd.

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