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BYKE is a smart dockless bike sharing platform which offers bike sharing service to fulfil urban short distance trips. We are committed to providing you an easier, healthy, convenient, reliable, and environmentally friendly way to travel by combining advanced idea with IoT(Internet of Things) technology. Let’s BYKE!

1. Easy to use - Open the lock with one tap in BYKE app and park the bike anywhere permitted by local law.
2. Easy & Secure payment method - Recharge your in-app wallet first, then after each riding, the system will charge from your balance automatically.
3. A bike built for riding safely in urban area - twin solid tires, say goodbye to bumps and punctures; Best responsive brake, stopping has never been so smooth.
4. Adjustable hydraulically damped seat - easily adjust the height according to your appetite.
5. High Cost-Effective - You only have to pay 0.5€/30mins for this wonderful experience!

How to use?
2. UNLOCK: Open the APP and scan the QR code on the bike.
3. RIDE: Enjoy riding
4. FINISH: Park at a legal location and lock the bike manually

Download the app and enjoy riding now!

Tips and Notice:
1. Please enable GPS and Bluetooth of your phone to get a better experience. GPS fuction can provide a more accurate location service, while the Bluetooth service will increase the success rate of unlocking. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
2. Before locking the bike, please open the app to make sure the trip will end successfully;
3. Children under 16 are forbidden to use BYKE.
4. Please don’t use the basket for man-carrying.
5. Please park the bike in permitted area.

새로운 기능

버전 2.2.0

* New feature “Lucky Byke”, Ride Lucky Byke for free and earn rewards!
* New feature “Reserve last riding Byke”.
* Support buy “Month Pass” or “Day Pass” using your topup credit
* New pricing option Month Pass. Byke unlimited!

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11개의 평가

11개의 평가

Errors of payment


Today I have to pay 3 eur without taking a bike because of the APP errors generated. I tried to log in to use this bike but it failed. However,it was showed that I was still using a bike on the APP and the payment was growing as time passed by.
Eventhough I sent a mail saying this situation to the customer center, the payment was deducted by my account. I won’t recharge it anymore.


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