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Cockpit is the missing Mac control center for all your apps and tasks

Extremely Versatile

Use Cockpit for running almost any task with a click of a button. Thanks to its plugin based architecture, Cockpit is highly extendable: you set the limits!

And with its super easy approach it is perfect for newcomers and pros.

Preinstalled Controls Plugins

• System tasks (CPU, RAM usage and more)
• Burn discs
• Batch image editing
• Batch file renaming
• Control iTunes (supports cover art, ratings)
• Control safari (fast bookmark access, switch tabs, …)
• Capture tasks (Screen, Audio Video Capture, …)
• Create todos, iCal events, mails and more
• Browse the Controls Gallery for even more free plugins

Task-Driven Plugins

Cockpit is based on plugins called Controls. Each Control consists of up to 12 tasks that are referenced to 12 buttons in the Cockpit Control Panel window.

Tasks can consist of Automator workflows, Apple Script or shell scripts.

Example use cases for Cockpit and tasks:

• System optimization tasks
• Control multimedia apps like EyeTV or DVD Player
• Launch files and applications
• Batch convert files like video or audio files
• Backup files or volumes
• and much much more

Extend Cockpit

Extend Cockpit with new Controls plugins. Browse through dozens of Controls in the built in Controls Gallery letting you experience new plugins every day.

Once you found your preferred Control in the Controls Gallery, just click "Install" and Cockpit will automatically download and install it for you.

Global Hotkeys and More

In the Cockpit Controls Manager you can not only set global hotkeys for every task in a Control, it also lets you manage your Controls in every aspect.

• Sort Controls with drag and drop
• Deactivate and activate Controls
• Export Controls
• Install and uninstall Controls
• Access the Controls Gallery and more

Developing Controls

Creating your own Controls is super easy thanks to the built-in editor. There are no coding skills required.

Controls can be built by using Automator, Apple Script or shell script or a combination of those 3 types.

When finished, you can submit your Control to the Controls Gallery and share it with Cockpit users worldwide!

With the new Cockpit you can build Controls just like the ones preinstalled for you. it is even possible to display messages in the Controls Display or on overlays.
You can even display outputs from scripts and more using the Automator action "Display Text", which can be accessed directly in Automator.

Furthermore you can set a Control icon and a monochrome blue display icon to give it the final touches.

• Super easy development, no coding skills required
• Develop with Automator, Apple Script or shell script
• Built-in editor for Apple Script (with code highlighting) and shell script
• Automator is just a click away
• Test-run your tasks
• Support for your Control icon and display icon
• Support for displaying messages via display or overlay
• Submit your Control to the Controls Gallery with Cockpit
• More information is available in the Cockpit help built into Cockpit

2.0.1 버전의 새로운 기능

Fixed minor bugs reported by our users.


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  • USD 10.99
  • 카테고리: 유틸리티
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  • 버전: 2.0.1
  • 크기: 5.2 MB
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호환성: OS X 10.6 버전 이상

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