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A tool needed by any developer, Compare lets you perform side-by-side comparison and merge of your directories, files, and their content. It lets you see changes down to the character level and copy changes between two different versions of a file as needed.

This lightweight application features clean interface with easy to understand controls and icons, no bloat (such as image or sound wave comparison, built in emacs editor, etc) and does not require you to create and manage projects. Just select or drag-and-drop in two items onto it and you're ready to compare and merge. It also remembers all recent items for each side so you can perform repeated comparisons easily.

1.4 버전의 새로운 기능

Version 1.4 improvements:
- Improved support for Date/Time column.
- Fix issue with confirmation dialogs not displaying on some platforms.

Version 1.3 improvements:
- Better memory support for OS X Lion.
- Locale support for Date/Time column.
- Fix crash that could occur on double click of non-existing files.

Version 1.2 improvements:
- Silent operation in command-line mode; useful when using as a diff tool with GIT or other command-line based version control systems.
- Various usability enhancements including tool tips, improved display of possible actions, and exit-time automatic scroll to file or directory panel as appropriate when a confirmation dialog is necessary.
- Threaded file copy now gives smoother copying of large files. Also you can now cancel file copy operations. (Note: Since FileManager is used, cancel will occur once current file is copied and before the next file copy is started)

Version 1.1 improvements:
- Important usability fix: A bug where long lines were truncated has been fixed.
- Application no longer attempts to open binary files as fixed-width Unicode. (causes slow downs or crashes) ASCII and UTF-8 are supported with limit of 100MB.
- Improvements to the file vs file sidebar.


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호환성: OS X 10.6 버전 이상

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