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Data Rescue 3 External Drive Recovery

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The full version of Data Rescue 3 (available from our website) will indeed work with Mountain Lion and higher and also works with external drives. Check for full version details- Data Rescue is the #1 selling mac recovery application in the world. Try the free trial at our website before you buy to see if your files are recoverable before you spend any money.

MacUser Magazine, August 2011 rated the full version of Data Rescue 3 "Best of Breed"

Data Rescue is the #1 selling, most-awarded recovery software on the Mac platform. With this special App Store version, you can recover data from external, non-boot drives. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion!

Read real reviews from magazines and search online at to see hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews.

External, non-boot drives that show up in Disk Utility, but will not mount can be recovered with Data Rescue 3 External Drive Recovery. If you've deleted files from an external, non-boot drive, you can use Data Rescue 3 External Drive Recovery to scan that drive to find previously-deleted files.

Data Rescue 3 EDR cannot recover an ethernet or wifi-connected hard drive. Network Drives can have various file systems on them (HFS+, Linux, etc) and Data Rescue does not support all these file systems. It is recommended that you download the Data Rescue 3 demo from our website to scan your network drive (which must be connected via FireWire or USB) to see if Data Rescue can see the files on it.

Reviews for Data Rescue 3 include:

MacUser Magazine, August 2011 rated the full version of Data Rescue 3 "Best of Breed"

PC Magazine: June 2011- 4/5 Stars- "Very Good!"

Consumer's Digest Magazine: April 2011

Macworld Magazine: 5-Stars

Data Rescue is used by Fortune 500 companies, State, Federal and International governments as well as home users. Data Rescue 3 is the highest-rated, number one selling recovery product on the Mac platform.

What about technical support? At Prosoft, we have top-of-the-line staff onboard to help you with technical support. Just give us a call or email, we're here to help!

Real reviews from real customers:

“You have an indispensable product that should be in every Mac users library.” --Ron Watson

“They Saved KKIQ and KKDV radio!?” --KKIQ

“Really, this software saved the happiest moment of our lives forever and ever....” --Eduardo from Brazil

“Sure enough, hundreds of jpeg file names appeared in a list.” --Kevin Slimp

Have an issue or question, or just need a little help? Give our tech support department a call (yes, a live person on the phone). We're here to help. Email support is also available.

Data Rescue is designed and engineered by Prosoft Engineering, Inc, a leading provider of Mac software since 1985. Based in California.

3.2.3 버전의 새로운 기능

- Added support for recovering MIDI audio files
- Added date to JPEG file names for those that contain EXIF metadata.
- Added an “Open With” contextual menu for scan results.
- Improved stability during a scan


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Data Rescue 3 External Drive Recovery
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  • USD 59.99
  • 카테고리: 유틸리티
  • 업데이트:
  • 버전: 3.2.3
  • 크기: 12.4 MB
  • 언어: 영어
  • 개발자:

호환성: OS X 10.6.6 버전 이상

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