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* Appears to be a problem updating app over Wifi. Try with a cable and let me know if it works. Also try deleting the app from the phone and installing fresh. Looking into problem.

Ad-free, Bias-free, and Hassle-free! And now, FREE!
DrugIQ Lite and DrugFlash are also FREE apps.

DrugIQ is a drug reference tool that allows you to search across 4,900+ generic and trade drug names, test your spelling and pronunciation knowledge of ~360 common generic drug names and ~250 trade drug names, and access drug information via direct links from up to six different websites, none of which contain advertisements. (NCBI, Wikipedia, DrugWatch, MedLinePlus, FDA MedWatch, and Daily Med)

DrugIQ is the only app on the iTunes store to feature voice recognition software to test your pronunciation of a drug name.
This application is a useful tool for medical, nursing, and pharmacy students, as well as practicing nurses, physicians, and anyone in the medical field. DrugIQ is also a helpful reference for people who want to learn more about the medications they're taking.


Searchable list of ~4,960 generic and trade drug names in the Drugs screen.

•Drug names can be displayed in a generic/trade or trade/generic format.
You can search across both generic and trade names at the same time regardless of the name display format.
•Dynamic search tool provides possible matches without requiring to type the full drug name.
•Professional audio recordings of drug names are available on about 2,500 generic and trade drug names.
•Direct access to available web links for each drug (data sources include NCBI, Wikipedia, DrugWatch, MedlinePlus, DailyMed, FDA MedWatch) – requires Internet access.

Ability to build a Favorites drug list (both generic and trade names) for quick reference.
•When on the Drugs screen, click on a drug name to bring up the first web source and add/remove Favorites using the Fav+ and Fav- buttons on the top navigation bar. Favorites appear in blue in the Drugs screen

Spelling and Pronunciation test plans on ~360 Common Generic and ~250 Common Trade drugs.

•The Pronunciation testing uses voice recognition software to allow users to test their knowledge of common generic and trade drug names. If English is not your native language, you may have some trouble with the voice recognition feature. Please contact us if you run into problems.
•Test results statistics (pass/fail) are provided in the Test Plan screen.
•Please note that both the Spelling and Pronunciation testing features are limited to the Common Generic and Common Trade test plans and are not yet available on the Favorites test plan in this version. However, if some of your Favorites are included in the Common Generic or Common Trade test plans, you will be able to test yourself on these drug names.

For more detailed instructions on how to use DrugIQ, please visit our website:,_LLC/DrugIQ.html

The information contained in this app comes from various sources and may be inaccurate.
Please help us improve the quality of the information provided by reporting bad web links using the Bad Link button on the web source pages. Erroneous links will be fixed as soon as possible, and new links refreshed in the app when available.
We also welcome your comments and suggestions. For support and all questions or comments, please contact us at

1.8 버전의 새로운 기능

* Fixed problem with sound playback being cut off.

* Still appears to have a problem updating app over Wifi. Try with a cable and let me know if it works. Also try deleting the app from the phone and installing fresh. Looking into problem.


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