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ForeFlight Mobile EFB

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ForeFlight is the award winning and most widely used flight planning and electronic flight bag app for iPad and iPhone. Individual pilots and professional flight crews all over the world use ForeFlight to plan and file flight plans, access preflight and in-flight weather, download and view electronic charts and maps, manage flight publications, log flight time, and more. Additionally, ForeFlight is renowned for its amazingly responsive and accurate Fanatical Pilot Support™.

Continued ForeFlight service requires a subscription, options are available via in-app purchase.


• Editor's Choice, Flying Magazine, January 2014
• Editor's Choice, Flying Magazine, January 2013
• Editor's Choice, Flying Magazine, January 2012
• App of the Year, Aviation Consumer, July 2011
• Best Selling iPad Aviation App: 2010, 2011, 2012
• "Best app for IFR" - Aviation Consumer
• "One of the most popular and most-respected aviation apps available" - Sporty's Pilot Shop

ForeFlight offers these features and more:


Use touch planning, interactive route editing, altitude and route advisors, and SID/STAR previews to plan your flight quickly and easily, with all the information you need right at your fingertips.


File, amend, or cancel VFR and IFR flight plans from your mobile device, and use ForeFlight Graphical Briefing to get all the weather information you need to feel confident and ready for takeoff.


Graphical AIRMETs and SIGMETs, global winds aloft data, and hundreds of weather imagery products deliver information about conditions along your route quickly and visually.


Download all of the VFR and IFR charts you need based on your selected geo-region, as well as procedure plates and taxi charts for thousands of airports across North America.


Access a wide array of information for thousands of airports and FBOs to be fully prepared for your flight.


Ensure that your aircraft will stay within its weight and CG limits for the entire flight with easy data and load entry.


Logbook is seamlessly integrated into the ForeFlight app, making it easy to track hours, currency, ratings, endorsements, and more on your iPad and iPhone. Your data is automatically synced across all your devices and protected in ForeFlight’s secure cloud storage.


Wirelessly connect to your installed avionics to send and receive flight plans or get GPS, ADS-B, or AHRS. Partners include Stratus, Garmin, Dynon Avionics, FreeFlight, Aspen Avionics, Bad Elf, and more.


Geo-referenced plates and taxi charts enable the real time display of your GPS position on the chart. They can also be overlaid on the Maps view along with weather and hazards, providing advanced situational awareness for IFR pilots.


Hazard Advisor is a moving-map overlay that tracks your GPS position and altitude to depict hazardous terrain and obstacles. Profile gives you a side view of terrain and obstacle elevations along your planned route so you can easily determine safe altitudes.


Synthetic Vision is a visually stunning and high-performance hazard awareness capability for iPad, providing a virtual view of the terrain with color-coding to indicate safe elevations. When paired with a Stratus 2S or other AHRS device it also acts as a backup attitude indicator.


ForeFlight allows pilots to connect their account to Dropbox, Amazon S3, or Box, and upload their own documents to the app. Documents are stored in the cloud and synced across all iPads on an account.


After filing, ForeFlight sends you real-time push and email notifications when expected route information is released from ATC.


• Canadian radar coverage is provided by Environment Canada.
• International A/FD provided by Universal Weather and Aviation.

7.7.2 버전의 새로운 기능


This minor release builds on version 7.7.1 with additional stability improvements and bug fixes, including some involving Logbook field selection issues.


This minor release improves app stability and fixes a number of bugs, including a filing bug related to flight plan remarks.


ForeFlight 7.7 introduces the ability to share Logbook draft entries with other pilots, as well as Stratus ESG support, a new radar layer and rate of descent instrument, plus lots of work under the hood to improve general map performance.

Logbook Flight Sharing

Flight Sharing makes it easy and convenient for pilots to send draft entries to those they are flying with. Recipients can review and edit the shared entries before adding them to their logbook.

Track Your Medical Currency in Logbook

Keep tabs on when your Medical is due for renewal, along with lots of other currency types, in the Logbook currency summary view.

Stratus ESG Support

ForeFlight 7.7 includes a firmware update for Stratus 1S and 2S devices that enables support for Stratus ESG, Appareo’s new all-in-one ADS-B Out solution. The update also adds new settings to the Stratus 2S related to flight data recording and AHRS calibration.

Radar Enhancements

For more informed preflight planning, you can now choose between the existing NEXRAD composite reflectivity layer and a newNEXRAD base reflectivity from the lowest elevation angle, or lowest tilt, layer. Radar (Lowest Tilt) depicts the lowest elevation sweep and is most representative of precipitation that is reaching the surface. You can also toggle between normal resolution and four-color radar mosaics (the standard for airborne radar displays).

New Rate of Descent Instrument

Descent to Destination is a new in-flight instrument that shows you the required rate of descent in feet per minute to reach the destination elevation.

Please note that iOS 9.2 is the minimum required iOS for ForeFlight 7.7.


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Apple Watch

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ForeFlight Mobile EFB
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  • 버전: 7.7.2
  • 크기: 109 MB
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  • 언어: 영어
  • 개발자:

호환성: iOS 9.2 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.

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