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HD Bone Diseases: ENCYCLOPEDIA The adult human body consists of approximately 206 bones, which are rigid and serve to protect the soft organs of our body. The bones are made mostly by calcium, and in turn help the this balance homeostasis).
The bones form the skeleton, which is divided into two:
- Axia Skeleton = formed by the skull, facial bones, ribs, sternum, and spine.
- Appendicular = skeleton consists of the shoulder girdle, bones of upper and lower extremities, and pelvic girdle. In adults, vitamin D deficiency manifests as osteomalacia (Softening of bones), a condition due to inadequate mineralization bone. In children there is an additional failure of mineralization of cartilage growth at the ends of bones. The new bone is prone to inappropriate deformed.
To zoom ( in / out ) all text and graphics, you can use two fingers to enlarge.

And can also copy and paste the full text and graphics, or both,
from device to any document or sending it by email.

Thus, also this fabulous Encyclopedia can be used rotating the device horizontally and vertically.

You can have this beautiful HD Bone deceases a for study and learning at your fingertips and use it in schools, colleges, universities or with your family.

You can learn and study in the Encyclopedia useful topics as, Osteosarcoma, Vitamin D, Calcium, etc. how it works and much more ...

Among some of the main themes of this amazing Encyclopedia, of Music include:

21 Topics ( HD Bone Diseases )

bone diseases VOLUME I
- Marfan syndrome
- Osteitis fibrosa cystica
- Osteosarcoma
- Hypovitaminosis D
- Paget's disease of bone
- Calcium metabolism
- Carpal tunnel syndrome

Osteoporosis VOLUME II
- Skeletal muscle
- Vitamin D
- Bone marrow
- Calcium
- X-ray
- Bisphosphonate
- Osteoporosis

Bones disorders VOLUME III
- NF-kB
- Vertebra
- Bone tumor
- Osteogenesis imperfecta
- Bone grafting
- Malnutrition
- Rheumatoid arthritis

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